Husbands Must Read: This is a Guide to Having Sex with Wives After Giving Birth

Changes in physical and mental conditions experienced by your wife after giving birth can make her uncomfortable during intercourse. As a good husband, you must understand this and know the guidelines for having sex with your wife after giving birth so that she feels comfortable.

After giving birth, your wife's libido levels can decrease. This can reduce the desire to have sex. In addition, pain in the vagina or stitches in the abdomen (if she had a cesarean section) can also make her feel pain during sex. Not to mention being busy with other things, such as the postpartum period, lack of sleep, hormonal changes, and breastfeeding the baby.

When Wthe act that Tright for Mstart Blove?

Most doctors recommend waiting until about a month after giving birth to have sex. However, if the wife experienced a vaginal tear, underwent an episiotomy that required stitches, or gave birth by caesarean section, it is advisable to wait until at least 6 weeks after delivery.

Making love less than this time is not safe because at that time your wife is still recovering. If his condition has not recovered, having sex can put him at risk for bleeding or infection.

Also make sure the wife is not bleeding puerperal. Making love when your wife is still in the puerperium can put her at risk for infection. Also pay attention to the seams. If it has not healed completely, the stitches could open while you are making love.

Although the wife's physical condition is safe for sexual intercourse, the decision to make love cannot be taken from her physical readiness alone. Having sex must also be adjusted to your wife's mental state.

Some women are ready in a matter of weeks or months after giving birth, maybe even longer.

Changes in Wife After Childbirth

After giving birth, your wife will experience several changes physically and mentally. The following is an explanation of what happened to his wife:

1. Body shape not like it used to

Pregnancy makes your wife's body gain weight that can't go down immediately after giving birth. Add more stretch marks or stitches that can lead to low self-esteem, depression, or loss of passion.

You do not let your wife dissolve in sadness just like that. Try to restore her confidence by complimenting her physique or buying her lingerie to make her feel beautiful and sexy.

2. Hormones reduced estrogen

After giving birth, the level of the hormone estrogen in your wife's body can decrease to make her vagina dry because the production of vaginal fluid decreases. This can reduce pleasure and make your wife sick during sex.

To overcome this, you can try the position woman on top. That way, he can manage penetration. To reduce pain during sexual penetration, try using a vaginal lubricant.

Hormonal changes can also be caused by depression that occurs after childbirth. In addition to making him not passionate about making love, this can also make his wife sad.

3. Changes to vagin

If your wife gave birth vaginally, her vaginal walls may stretch, bruising, and swelling. This can make it feel less friction during penetration. As a result, the wife becomes difficult to get aroused and the pleasure of making love is reduced.

Usually the condition of the vagina can return to normal in some time. To help the vaginal recovery process, you can advise your wife to do Kegel exercises.

4. Effect breast-feed on wife's body

While breastfeeding, your wife's body produces the hormone prolactin. This hormone stimulates milk production and may also decrease libido. The hormone estrogen that can trigger the production of natural lubricating fluid in the vagina can also decrease during breastfeeding.

If in the past the breast was a sensitive part, then when breastfeeding, this area may no longer provide a stimulating effect for him. She may also feel uncomfortable when her breasts are touched due to the pain she feels while breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding can also drain her energy, both physically and emotionally. This can reduce the desire to make love.

5. Fatigue because you have to take care of the baby

Having a baby can be exhausting. Just imagine, your wife has to breastfeed your little one every 2 or 3 hours, change diapers, or carry him. This can make him tired and sleep deprived, so that it has an impact on his desire to make love.

You may also feel exhausted after becoming a father. However, men may still have the desire to make love. Men can be more physically and mentally prepared for sex, while women can't be like that. women need Chat and get stimulation so that he can be excited to have sex.

So that your warmth is maintained, you can try to have sex when your little one is sleeping or in the morning.

If your wife is not ready to have sex, don't force her. Remember, this condition is only temporary. how come.

After all, to build warmth between the two of you doesn't always have to be penetration. You can still make out with him, such as kissing, hugging, or doing a sensual massage.