Dates Extract for Breast Milk Booster, Myth or Fact?

Experiencing dragging breast milk is a nightmare for all breastfeeding mothers. It's no wonder that breastfeeding mothers are diligent in consuming foods or drinks that can increase breast milk. Date palm juice is one of them. However, is it true that date palm juice can increase milk production?

Date palm juice is a blackish liquid made from the pulp of the date palm fruit extract. Similar to honey, date palm juice has a thick consistency and a sweet taste. The difference is, date palm juice tends to be rough and fibrous.

Dates juice can become breast milk Boosters

The assumption that date palm juice can become breast milk booster not a mere myth. Busui does not need to hesitate to consume date palm juice every day, because of the fact that this fruit which is abundant in the Middle East is able to support breast milk production.

Dates are known to contain sterol compounds needed to produce hormones in nursing mothers, such as estrogen, progesterone, and prolactin. These hormones have a very important role in the formation of the breast glands and also the production of breast milk.

Dates juice is also a good source of vitamins and minerals for nursing mothers and their babies. The nutrients contained in this liquid include carbohydrates, fiber, vitamin B6, potassium, calcium, magnesium, selenium, iron, and copper.

In addition, date palm juice also contains antioxidants, such as phenolic compounds, which are very good for overall body health. That is why, date palm juice is suitable for consumption by nursing mothers.

Benefits of Dates Extract for Breastfeeding Mothers

Besides being able to increase the supply of breast milk, date palm juice also has other benefits for nursing mothers, namely:

1. Prevent fatigue

Taking care of a newborn baby can make Busui easily tired, especially if there is an older sibling who also still needs a lot of attention. This of course can also affect milk production. By consuming date juice, Busui doesn't have to worry about getting tired quickly, because dates are a safe source of energy for Busui to consume every day.

2. Maintain endurance

In the midst of a pandemic like today, having a strong immune system is very important so that you don't get infected with the Corona virus or other diseases. When in excellent condition, Busui will find it easier to take care of your little one, and you won't have to worry about transmitting the disease to him.

Date palm juice contains antioxidants that are suitable for consumption by anyone, including nursing mothers. By consuming date palm juice regularly, not only breast milk will be abundant, Busui's immune system will also be well maintained so it doesn't get sick easily.

3. Strengthens bones

A study revealed that the bone density of mothers may be reduced by 3-5 percent during breastfeeding, because some of the calcium in the bones will be taken up to flow into breast milk.

Therefore, Busui is highly recommended to consume calcium foods or drinks, such as date palm juice, milk, green leafy vegetables, and cheese and other dairy products.

4. Prevent obesity

Due to breastfeeding the baby, Busui's appetite tends to increase so that Busui will often be hungry.

As a result, Busui wants to eat a variety of foods, including sweet foods that can increase weight. Whereas some breastfeeding mothers usually also want to lose weight.

Although very sweet, date palm juice contains good natural sweeteners and is suitable for daily consumption. The mineral and antioxidant content that is good for health also makes Busui not have to worry about weight gain during breastfeeding.

After knowing the information above, Busui doesn't have to worry anymore about consuming date juice. Apart from being breast milk boosterBusui can also take advantage of the other benefits of date juice during breastfeeding. However, make sure Busui only chooses genuine date juice that doesn't contain added sweeteners.

If after consuming Busui date juice, you still have problems with breastfeeding, don't hesitate to consult a doctor or lactation consultant to get the right solution.