Recommended Sleeping Positions After Childbirth to Be More Comfortable

Sleeping position after giving birth is one thing that needs to be considered. Not only so you can sleep more comfortably and soundly, the right sleeping position can speed up the recovery process after giving birth.

After giving birth, you may be busy with a new routine as a mother. Because most of the time and energy is devoted to caring for newborns, it is not uncommon for new mothers to feel tired and sleep deprived, even though they need adequate rest for recovery.

In addition, pain in certain body parts, such as the stomach, breasts, and vagina, can also make it difficult for new mothers to find a comfortable sleeping position.

Therefore, know how to sleep correctly after giving birth so that you can sleep more comfortably.

Preventable Health Problems

Apart from reasons of comfort, applying the right sleeping position after giving birth can also prevent sleep apnea. This condition can happen to anyone, but pregnant women or mothers who have just given birth with obesity are more at risk of experiencing it.

Sleep apnea can make sufferers feel tired, have frequent headaches, sleep less soundly, and have difficulty concentrating. In fact, mothers who have just given birth need good physical and psychological conditions to care for their newborns.

In addition, sleeping position is also important to support the body's recovery process after giving birth, both for mothers who undergo normal delivery or by caesarean section. This is because the wrong sleeping position can make surgical wounds or wounds in the birth canal take longer to heal.

This is the right sleeping position after giving birth

So that you can sleep comfortably after giving birth and avoid health problems, here are some sleeping positions that you can apply:

Sleep on your back

Sleeping on your back with a pillow or not on your head is the recommended sleeping position after giving birth.

This sleeping position can make the position of the head, neck, and spine become parallel. so as not to put pressure on body parts, especially body parts that are still injured after giving birth. This position may also be more comfortable for some mothers who have just had a cesarean section.

If you want to use a pillow while sleeping, you can put the pillow under your knees.

It is important to remember, you need to be careful when you want to wake up if you have just had a cesarean section. Try not to get up too quickly so as not to press on the stitches in the abdomen that are still not fully healed.

When you want to get up, try to first support your back with a pillow, then get up slowly. You can also lie on your side for a while, then get up slowly to sit down.

If it is difficult to get up on your own, ask your husband or people at home to help support your body when you want to get up from a sleeping position.

Sleep on your side or side

Sleeping on your side is a good sleeping position for mothers who have just given birth vaginally or by caesarean section. Just like sleeping on your back, this postnatal sleeping position doesn't put pressure on the abdomen or birth canal, so it can reduce pain.

In addition, a sideways position may also make you feel more relieved when you breathe, can sleep more soundly, and it will be easier for you to get up from a sleeping position.

It's best to sleep on your left side, because this position can reduce the risk of sleep apnea, prevent heartburn, smooth the digestive system, and optimize blood flow in the body.

However, if the position tilted to the right is more comfortable, you can also sleep facing the right, really.

Sleep in an upright sitting position

Sleeping in an upright sitting position may sound strange, yes. However, this can be one of the best sleeping positions after giving birth. you know. This position can make it easier for mothers to breastfeed their little ones. When you want to sleep in this position, use a pillow to support your back to make it more comfortable.

However, this sleeping position is not recommended for too long or a maximum of 2 weeks postpartum. An upright sleeping position is generally recommended as an alternative sleeping position until you can sleep comfortably on your back or side.

nowHere are some recommendations for sleeping positions after giving birth that you can apply. To be more comfortable while sleeping, create a comfortable and quiet environment, avoid overeating or consuming caffeine, and using your cellphone for too long before going to bed.

If you have trouble lying down or getting out of bed, ask your husband to help. If you don't find a sleeping position after giving birth that feels comfortable or if you feel pain when you lie down or wake up, try consulting a doctor.