Can Dexamethasone Really Cure COVID-19?

Recently, there was news that dexamethasone could treat COVID-19. Many people gave a positive response to this news because dexamethasone is easy to find and the price is very affordable. However, is it true that this drug can cure Corona virus infection?

Dexamethasone is a corticosteroid drug that is used to treat inflammation, allergic reactions, and autoimmune diseases. In addition, this drug can also be used to reduce complaints due to side effects of chemotherapy.

Even though it is known as an "over-the-counter drug", the use of dexamethasone should not be arbitrary and must be in accordance with the doctor's instructions, because the side effects are not mild and can suppress the work of the immune system, which is what the body needs to fight germs.

Dexamethasone Facts to Cure COVID-19

A study conducted in the UK revealed that administering dexamethasone reduced mortality by 1/3 in COVID-19 patients requiring ventilatory care, and 1/5 in COVID-19 patients requiring supplemental oxygen for their treatment.

Dexamethasone is a medication to reduce inflammation. The inflammation in COVID-19 can cause some damage to the lungs, such as fluid buildup (pulmonary edema) and the formation of hyaline membranes. This damage makes the patient short of breath and experience complications, such as ARDS or respiratory failure.

So, dexamethasone is not a drug to cure COVID-19, but rather to prevent lung damage in COVID-19 patients who are already experiencing shortness of breath. From this study, dexamethasone did not give any results in patients with Corona virus infection with mild symptoms.

Although dexamethasone is believed to be able to help cure COVID-19 in patients with severe symptoms, further research is still needed on its effectiveness and administration rules in the treatment of Corona virus infection, for example regarding the dose and duration of administration of this drug.

There is no single drug that has been proven effective to cure COVID-19, including dexamethasone. Likewise with vaccines to prevent infection with the Corona virus. However, researchers are still working on developing drugs and vaccines for this disease.

Prevention is always better than cure. So, so that you are not infected with the Corona virus that is currently endemic, always apply the preventive measures, such as washing your hands with water and soap, wearing a mask when outside the house, doing physical distancing, and maintain endurance.

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