Some of the Causes of Itchy Lips, Here's the Solution

Itchy lips often make you confused and interfere with your comfort in activities. So that it doesn't drag on, come on, see what causes itchy lips and how to overcome them.

Although it does not always indicate a serious health problem, complaints of itchy lips can interfere with your comfort. nowYou need to deal with this itching on the lips according to the cause. This is so that the treatment of itchy lips that you do can be effective.

Causes of Itchy Lips and the Solution

The following are some conditions that can cause itchy lips, along with how to overcome them:

1. Dry lips

One of the causes of itchy lips is dry lips. This can be triggered by the habit of licking the lips and breathing through the mouth. Dry lips can also be a sign that you are dehydrated.

The way to deal with itchy lips because of this condition, of course, is to keep the lips from drying out, for example by applying lip balm or petroleum jelly to the lips to moisturize them. In addition, avoid smoking and drink plenty of water.

2. Effects of extreme weather

Your lips can itch if you live or are in a location with extreme weather, such as very hot, windy, or very cold, for a long time.

To solve this, you can also use lip balm. Choose lip balm containing sunscreen, because it is useful to protect the skin from sun radiation. In addition, you are also advised to drink more water and use a mask when outdoors.

3. Allergies and irritation

Another thing that can cause itchy lips is an allergic reaction and irritation that causes inflammation of the lips. For example, due to certain foods or drugs, lip coloring, mouthwash, or the habit of biting your lips.

In addition to causing itching, allergic reactions can also make the lips become swollen or cracked. If you experience this, please consult your doctor. The doctor will give you medicine to relieve the symptoms of allergies and irritation that you are experiencing.

You can also relieve this allergic reaction by compressing your lips with cold water. To relieve itching on the lips due to allergies, you can apply petroleum jelly which is also useful for moisturizing lips.

4. Infection

Itching on the lips can also indicate an infection on the lips, either due to bacteria, fungi, or viruses. An example is a bacterial infection Streptococcus, mold Candida, or the herpes simplex virus.

In addition to causing itchy lips, infection of the lips is usually accompanied by other symptoms, such as fever, swollen or sore lips, and the appearance of a rash or rash on the lips.

Without proper treatment, this infection in the lips can cause extensive inflammation and cause sores. Therefore, you need to see a doctor, so that they can be given the appropriate treatment.

In addition, you are also advised not to scratch or rub your lips. To reduce itching and pain, compress the lips with cold water.

Some of the conditions above can be the cause of itchy lips. Treatment of itchy lips can be done independently, but must be in accordance with the underlying condition. If your lips still itch or get worse even after treatment, you should immediately consult a doctor.