Can Babies Drink Stain Water?

Giving starch to babies is still done by some parents. He said, this liquid can be used as a substitute for breast milk or formula to support the baby's growth and development. Actually, can babies drink starch water?

Water tajin is a white, slightly thick liquid that comes out when rice boils before being cooked into rice. This liquid contains a variety of nutrients, such as carbohydrates, protein, sugar, and B vitamins.

Facts about Giving Stain Water to Babies

Although it contains nutrients, the nutrients contained in starch water are not as good as breast milk or formula milk, so they cannot meet the daily nutritional needs of babies.

Strain water is also not recommended to be given to newborns or those who are not even 6 months old, Bun. The reason is, babies at this age only need breast milk or formula as their food and drink intake.

If given starchy water which has less nutritional value than breast milk or formula, the baby can be at risk for malnutrition. So, Mother does not need to give additional fluids to the Little One, such as starch water or plain water, yes. Especially if he can not eat solid food or solid food.

In addition, the process of making starch water is also not guaranteed to be clean. Using unclean equipment or water can easily become contaminated with germs or harmful chemicals. This is also one of the reasons why starch water does not need to be given too often, Bun.

So, Can Babies Drink Stain Water?

Giving starch water as additional food or drink for babies is not prohibited.

Mothers can give starch water when the little one is more than 6 months old or has received complementary foods for breast milk or solid food. Because at this age, the baby's digestive system is more ready to get fluids other than breast milk or formula. In addition, the starch water given must be really clean and boiled.

Studies show that giving babies water with starch has benefits as a substitute for body fluids when they are dehydrated due to diarrhea or vomiting.

Mother, that's information about the safety of giving starch water to babies and their benefits. If you plan to give starch water to your little one, it's a good idea to consult with a doctor first, yes, to ensure the readiness of the little one's condition.