Eye Exercises You Can Do Every Day

Want to get healthy eyes in an easy way that can be done every day? You can start doing eye exercises while sitting and it only takes a few seconds.

Eye exercises can be useful for making eyes more comfortable, overcoming tired eyes, preventing blurry vision, and making eyesight more focused. Eye exercises are recommended to do, especially if you spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen.

Eye Exercises

For some people, eye exercise is also useful to prevent eye minus from increasing. For those who often spend time in front of a computer screen or reading, eye exercises can help relieve tired eyes.

Eye exercises can be done easily and do not require a lot of energy. You can even do these three eye exercises while sitting:

Mengueven focus from near to far

The first way you can do to do eye exercises is to change the focus from close to a distance. First, place your thumb at a distance of approximately 25 cm in front of your eyes. Focus on the thumb for about 15 seconds.

After that, switch your gaze to another object with a distance of about 25–50 cm and focus on that object for about 15 seconds. Do this alternately five times.

Memfokskaneyes on specific object

The next way to exercise the eye is to focus your eyes on another small object. The method is also not difficult. Try placing the pencil in front of your nose and focusing your eyes on the tip of the pencil.

Then, move the pencil to the right and left sides of the face slowly. Keep your eyes focused on the pencil, without turning your face. Do this three times.

Memvvisualize the number 8

Try to visualize the number 8. You can visualize it by sitting and looking straight at the floor, then determine a point that is your focus. After that, move your eyes to form a figure 8 pattern. Do this movement for about 30 seconds.

In addition to doing eye exercise, you can maintain your eye health by regularly eating foods that contain omega-3, vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, and lutein.

Then, use sunglasses when you are active during the day, so that your eyes are protected from sun exposure. For those of you who are 20-39 years old, it is recommended to have your eyes checked by a doctor every 5-10 years to monitor eye health regularly.

Take your time to do eye exercises to keep your eyes healthy. If you experience eye complaints, or need further advice regarding eye health, don't hesitate to consult an ophthalmologist, OK.