Here's What To Do After Having Tooth Fillings

Dental fillings are treatments that are performed if you have cavities. In cavities there are usually parts that experience decay. After the rotting part is removed, the cavity is filled with a filling.

In addition to cavities, if there are broken or cracked teeth, doctors can also provide treatment in the form of fillings. The material used to fill a hollow tooth can be a composite resin, gold, or silver.

Treatment Steps After Tooth Filling

After the tooth is filled, of course you have to do special care every day. The following are things you need to do after a tooth filling:

  • Avoid very hot or very cold food

    At the time the anesthetic effect has not completely disappeared, you are advised not to eat first. The mouth is still under anesthesia, so you can't feel the temperature of the food or feel the parts inside your mouth. You can eat after 24 hours, provided you don't eat sweet, very hot or very cold foods and drinks.

  • Avoid eating foods that are difficult to chew

    After filling your teeth, avoid eating hard, chewy, and sticky foods because they can damage the fillings. Examples include ice, chocolate, candy, chips, or French fries. We recommend that you eat soft and crunchy foods, such as team rice, tomatoes, broccoli, spinach, and various other vegetables.

  • Choose the tooth on the other side when chewing

    When you have started to eat as usual, avoid chewing using freshly patched or sensitive teeth. It is recommended to use the tooth on the other side, until the filling is perfectly solid and nothing is damaged.

  • Take pain medication

    When fillings are done, you will receive anesthesia. After the anesthetic wears off, you will likely start to feel pain. If needed, ask the treating doctor for pain relievers.

Problems that may occur after fillings are discolored, detached, or painful teeth. Immediately check back to the dentist if these problems occur or other problems with dental fillings. With proper care, you will still feel comfortable even if you have fillings on your teeth.