Mother, these are the causes and tips for dealing with picky eaters

If your little one has difficulty eating or only wants to eat the same type of food, there is a possibility that he is picky eater or a picky eater. This of course can make you worry about your nutritional intake. Come on, know the causes as well as solutions that can be done.

Child symptoms picky eater They are easy to spot, from shutting their mouths or rebelling when fed, to frequently removing certain types of food from their plates, such as vegetables and fruit.

This condition is actually common in children aged 2-5 years. but it can also occur in babies who have just been given solid food. Even so, the habit of a picky eater This of course must be overcome, because after all children must get a balanced nutritional intake for optimal growth and development.

Reasons for Children to Choose Food

The following are some of the reasons why children can become picky eater or picky eater:

1. Irregular eating pattern

Most children picky eater usually have irregular eating patterns. For example, children eat snacks more often than main meals every day. Therefore, start compiling an eating pattern with 3 main meals, interspersed with 2 healthy snacks.

2. Food tastes strange on the child's tongue

Children have more taste buds on their tongue than adults. Therefore, children are more sensitive to the taste of food.

In addition, he is used to the taste of breast milk or formula which tends to be sweet and savory. So when he is given food with new flavors, he can immediately refuse it.

3. The child is not hungry or still full

Like adults, young children will also not want to eat when they are not hungry or still full. Another possibility is that he wants to eat, but only certain foods that he likes. That's why he looks like picky eaters.

In this case, you don't need to worry too much, especially if your growth is still relatively normal. Make him a regular eating schedule with sufficient meal portions, so that he always feels hungry and wants to eat every meal time arrives.

4. The food served is boring

Without realizing it, one of the reasons children become picky eater it could be because parents always serve food with an ordinary appearance. In fact, a study shows that vegetables and fruits that are presented with an attractive appearance can greatly increase a child's appetite.

Tips for Overcoming Picky Eater Children

Facing children picky eater it's not easy. However, Mother, don't worry too much because there are some tips that can be done to overcome it childpicky eater, including:

1. Don't force your child to eat

When your little one refuses to eat certain foods, stay patient and don't force it, Bun. This can make your little one uncomfortable and will even continue to refuse to eat these foods in the future. Remember, it takes at least 10-15 tries until the child gets used to it and wants to eat a food.

2. Serve food with interesting variations

Try serving a food menu with an attractive appearance, starting from a different shape, arrangement, or color. If necessary, the mother can give a unique name, for example, 'hot food', to attract the attention of the little one, so that he wants to eat the food.

3. Allow children to touch their food

Like adults, young children may be reluctant to eat something they are not really familiar with. Now, Mother can overcome this by eliminating her curiosity. The trick is to give your child the opportunity to touch directly and recognize the food before feeding it.

4. Make the dining atmosphere fun

Make the dining atmosphere a fun thing, for example by serving food with a cute dining area or by including the food that your little one likes the most. Mother can start feeding with food that she doesn't really like and give her favorite food at the end.

5. Find friends to eat together

If your little one refuses to be given certain types of food, try to find a friend to eat who likes these foods. This can help convince your little one that the food he doesn't like is actually good or not weird, so he'll start trying it.

With the various ways above, it is hoped that children picky eater slowly open to different types of food and not being picky anymore. However, if the tips above don't help,, do not hesitate to consult a doctor for advice on nutritional intake.