Understanding and Assisting Children with Special Needs

Having a child with special needs is not an easy thing for any parent. Parental attention is very important for their growth and development. So parents need to learn to understand and assist, so that they are always confident in carrying out daily activities.

Actually there are rules about children with special needs in Indonesia. As mentioned, children with special needs receive full protection and services from the state, according to the Regulation of the State Minister for Women's Empowerment and Child Protection Number 10 of 2011.

Understanding Children with Special Needs Closer

Children with special needs are children who experience limitations or extraordinaryness, whether physical, mental-intellectual, social or emotional, which significantly influences the process of growth or development compared to other children of the same age.

Not only that, children with special needs also include children who have attention disorders, autism spectrum disorders, communication skills disorders, and learning difficulties.

It should be understood that the condition of children with special needs is not a contagious disease. So interactions with children with special needs will not have an impact on other people. Children with special needs can continue to socialize in society.

Important things in Accompanying Children with Special Needs

Although children with special needs look different from children in general, they have the same rights as other children. Among them is the right to develop their interests and potential.

For those of you who have children with special needs or become a companion for children with special needs, there are several important things you can do to support them, including:

  • Always give motivation

    It is undeniable that there are some children with special needs who feel sad and even stressed because they are different from other children. Therefore, the task of parents and companions is to always motivate and help children with special needs reach their potential.

  • Entering the right school

    Education is an important instrument for children, including children with special needs. You as a parent must actively support and participate in entering schools for children with special needs, of course in schools that are in accordance with the curriculum for children with special needs. for examplehomeschooling.In addition, children with special needs can also be sent to inclusive schools.

  • Giving life skills

    If children with special needs get the right learning in improving life skills according to their interests and potential, then the child will be able to live more independently. On the other hand, if it is not handled properly, the child's ability will experience obstacles in its development.

  • Join incommunity or association

    The existence of a community or association of children with special needs will have a positive impact for them to socialize, play, and share with each other. Likewise for you as a parent, family, or companion. The community will also usually provide a lot of information on activities, seminars or events related to the development and care of children with special needs.

Another important thing that needs to be understood if you really decide to get a companion or nurse for a child with special needs, then look for the right companion, patient, of course, who can provide support that can improve their growth and development.

There are various challenges that need to be faced by children with special needs, as well as parents and their companions. Consult a doctor about what treatment is needed to support your child's growth and development.