Healthy and Romantic Kissing Tips

Kissing is one way to show affection to your partner. Not only can evoke intimacy, kissing also has health benefits. Therefore, recognize healthy kissing tips and stay romantic.

A romantic kiss between two people who are attracted to each other is certainly a very intimate and sensual experience. More than that, kissing is an important foundation in a romantic relationship.

Various Tips for Healthy Kissing

Here are some tips for kissing that are healthy and can keep your relationship with your partner romantic:

1. Clean your mouth first.

Before starting the kiss, try to clean your mouth first so that your breath is fresh and your teeth are clean. In addition, this method can minimize the risk of disease. At least, routinely clean your mouth by brushing your teeth at least 2 times a day.

2. Don't be in a hurry when kissing lips

When you do a kiss on the lips with your partner, do it in a relaxed and unhurried manner. This is very useful so that you are more relaxed, so that your partner also feels the same benefits.

Not only that, by not rushing when kissing lips, you can also avoid the risk of hurting your partner's lips.

3. Avoid kissing when sick

The next healthy kissing tip is to avoid kissing in sick conditions, such as when thrush, toothache, cough, cold, flu, and herpes. That's because kissing can easily transmit the risk of infection and bacteria to your partner.

4. Do a variety of kisses with your partner

A poll found that the intensity of kissing couples who have been married for a long time tends to decrease. In fact, kissing in a relationship must be maintained as a bridge of affection and build mental health.

You can do a variety of kisses, ranging from kissing the cheek, forehead, lips, to the neck of the partner to make it more romantic.

Health Benefits of Kissing

Not only in terms of sensuality, kissing done regularly with a partner also provides health benefits, including:

Kissing can reduce allergy symptoms

According to a study, kissing a partner for at least 30 minutes is sufficient to relieve allergy symptoms in sufferers of atopic eczema and seasonal allergies. However, this method still cannot replace drugs to treat allergic conditions.

Reduce pain

A person's natural reflex when kissing is to hug a partner. Naturally, cuddling can reduce anxiety and depression. When hugging, the body will release the hormone oxytocin so that the body relaxes. This can then reduce chronic (long-term) pain.

Lowering blood pressure

Kissing is considered to increase your heart rate by dilating blood vessels. When your blood vessels dilate, blood flow increases, causing an immediate drop in your blood pressure.

You and your partner can do a variety of healthy kissing tips above to get health benefits, while keeping the relationship romantic.