New Couple, Is It Safe To Have Sex Every Day?

For those of you who just got married and feel the pleasure of this legal relationship, maybe there will be reasons to have sex as often as possible, right? However, is Is it advisable to have sex every day?

As a married couple, having sex is something that must be done. Not only can make you more intimate with your partner, sex is also beneficial for health.

Should You Have Sex Every Day?

Actually, there is no definite reference for how often you and your husband should have sexual intercourse, because each partner will have different needs. This depends on your age, health condition, and mood.

As long as you and your partner are in a fit and mood the good one, having sex every day is okay how come done. Most importantly, when having sexual intercourse, you and your partner must do it without coercion, yes. The reason is, compulsion during sex can ruin the atmosphere and the moment of making love.

In addition, if you do it forcefully, you or your partner will usually be lazy and want to finish quickly. In fact, this activity can be the key to your household harmony, you know. Without good sex, you and your partner will be more prone to fighting and having an affair. This can increase the risk of divorce.

So, what matters is the quality of the sex itself, not the quantity or how often you and your partner have sex. In women, a good quality sexual relationship will make their emotional needs fulfilled and ultimately happier.

Have Sex Every Day to Get Pregnant Fast

Newly married couples may think that having sex every day can increase their chances of getting pregnant faster. However, this assumption is not entirely true. you know.

Sperm production and maturation takes time. Too frequent sexual intercourse is believed to reduce the ability of sperm to fertilize an egg. Finally, the desired pregnancy did not arrive. In addition, women have a fertile period. To increase the chances of pregnancy, sex needs to be done at this time.

So that sex does not become a scourge in the household, try to always communicate with your partner. Say what you want and don't want to do. On the other hand, listen to complaints and suggestions from your partner. Good communication will make your relationship more harmonious and can reduce misunderstandings.

Having sex every day may bore you or your partner. If you feel this, try a variety of different sex positions to increase the desire for sex again.