Get to know the term Empty Pregnancy

Feeling the symptoms of pregnancy and an enlarged stomach, but the fetus how come Can't you see it on ultrasound? The fetus may be taken by a spirit. Eits, Wait a minute! Before you assume this has anything to do with the mystical, come on, see the following explanation.

You may have heard of an empty pregnancy or one without a baby. In this condition, the gestational sac and placenta continue to enlarge, but the prospective fetus (embryo) in it does not develop. Signs of pregnancy, such as results test pack positive symptoms, nausea, and vomiting, may also occur.

Is it true that empty pregnancy is caused by spirits?

There is a myth that pregnant without a baby signifies that the baby is taken by a spirit. In fact, there is a medical explanation, you know. This condition is called blighted ovum or pregnant empty.

Although the exact cause is not known, but experts believe that this occurs due to disorders of the chromosomes or gene carriers in the prospective fetus.

In addition, empty pregnancy can also be caused by poor quality sperm or egg cells, so that the process of fertilization and embryo formation does not take place normally. As a result, what develops is only the placenta and the gestational sac.

The risk of an empty pregnancy is higher in pregnancies of couples who are related by blood, such as cousins. now, because of the increased risk of pregnancy disorders, even fetal defects, this is the reason why inbreeding is widely prohibited.

What to Do if You Have an Empty Pregnancy?

If you miss your period or experience other pregnancy symptoms, after doing testpack with positive results, it is better to immediately see a gynecologist for an ultrasound examination. From this examination it will be seen whether you are really pregnant or have an empty pregnancy.

If the results of the doctor's examination say that you are experiencing signs of an empty pregnancy, then the tissue from the undeveloped fetus must be cleaned from your uterus. There are three ways that may be suggested by the doctor, namely:

Waiting for the rest of the tissue to fall off naturally

Waiting can be done, because the remaining tissue of the prospective fetus can decay by itself. However, this can take a long time, i.e. several weeks or even months.


Medications, such as misoprostol, may also be used by doctors to help shed any remaining tissue that is not developing for the undeveloped fetus. However, treatment in this way is not instant and may take several days.

During this period of shedding, you may experience heavy bleeding and some side effects of the drug, such as nausea, vomiting, and dizziness.

DC procedure (dilation and curettage)

Dilation and curettage commonly known as curettage. This is a procedure that aims to remove the tissue remnants of the prospective fetus from the uterus. Through this procedure, the doctor can determine the cause of the miscarriage by examining the remaining tissue.

A curettage is usually recommended over other methods, because your uterus will clean faster, and there is less risk of residual tissue remaining in the uterus.

An empty pregnancy is neither your nor your partner's fault. Therefore, don't blame yourself. Even though you are grieving because of the miscarriage you have experienced, keep the spirit and be patient to have another baby.

You can consult a gynecologist if you want to undergo a pregnancy program. You just need to wait at least 3 months before being allowed to get pregnant again after a miscarriage. And you don't need to worry, pregnancy after empty pregnancy generally goes smoothly and healthy, how come.