Mother, Beware of the Dangers of Using a Baby Bouncer

baby bouncer is one of the tools that are often used daily by parents in raising babies. The use of this tool is considered to make the baby calmer and easier to fall asleep. However, do you understand the danger? baby bouncer?

The birth of a baby certainly brings happiness to parents. However, the many needs of the Little One can overwhelm Mom and Dad to the point of feeling too tired, even to just carry or put him to sleep. To help calm and put the baby to sleep, a device called was created baby bouncer.

Danger Baby Bouncer

With a swaying motion, baby bouncer believed to help calm the baby. Even though it is practical to use, you still need to consider the various risks that can arise when using this tool, including:


Injuries can occur when the baby falls from baby bouncer or crushed by this tool. This often happens if baby bouncer used is damaged. Injuries to babies due to use baby bouncer can cause bruising, scraping, even broken bones or severe head injury.

Several studies have reported that the use of baby bouncer as well as other baby equipment, such as baby walkers, It is the most common cause of head injury in infants.

Impaired walking ability

If too long placed in baby bouncers, the baby may get a stimulus or less stimulation to develop motor skills. This can cause the baby's ability to walk to be hampered.

Hard to breathe

Although baby bouncer the one you choose is certified safe, the danger of airway obstruction in the baby still exists.

Babies may change their position so that they are on their side, prone, strangled by a safety harness, or crushed by pillows and dolls, so that the baby's airway is closed.. This can increase the risk of injury, even death.

The risk of airway obstruction increases when the baby is placed in the baby bouncer without adult supervision.

Tips for Choosing and Using Baby Bouncer

If you decide to use baby bouncers, Mom and Dad should follow these instructions:

  • Make sure baby bouncer have no defective or damaged components, for example legs bouncer unbalanced, jammed harness, or bearing bouncer less stable.
  • Make sure there is always an adult watching the baby when it is placed in baby bouncers.
  • Put the seat belt on the baby while it is placed in the baby Make sure the belt is properly attached and the baby's position remains comfortable.
  • Always place baby bouncer on a flat floor when your little one is on it. Never place baby bouncer in a high place, such as on a table or bed.
  • Avoid placing too many objects, such as pillows, bolsters, toys, and dolls, inside baby bouncer.
  • Avoid moving or lifting baby bouncer which the baby is occupying.
  • Don't force to put your little one on top baby bouncer if the body weight has exceeded the maximum weight limit that can be supported by the device.
  • Set a time limit for your little one inside baby bouncer, as well as more time to play on the bed or on the floor while practicing picking up or holding toys.
  • Move your little one to his bed when he is asleep on top baby bouncer.

Now, Now Mom and Dad already know the dangers behind using it baby bouncers, right? Always be vigilant and apply the tips above so that your little one avoids risks that can endanger his safety. If your little one is injured as a result of baby bouncer, immediately consult a doctor.

Written by:

dr. Alya Hananti