4 Facts about Newborn Sleep Patterns You Need to Know

Newborn sleep patterns are different from the sleep patterns of older babies. Bnewborn baby will spend time sleep that more for support its growth.        

Newborns need about 14-17 hours of sleep per day. In fact, there are also some newborns who sleep more than that, which is around 18-19 hours per day.

Understanding 4 Facts about Newborn Sleep Patterns

Even though he spends his time sleeping, it doesn't mean that the newborn sleeps at one time at a time, but rather is divided into several sessions. In each session, he can sleep for 1-3 hours. After that, he will wake up to drink milk or interact with the people around him, then go back to sleep.

Here are 4 facts about newborn sleep patterns that you need to know:

1. Newborns don't know time yet

Newborns do not yet fully recognize the difference between morning and night. So don't be surprised if he sleeps more during the day and his energy peaks at night.

This can sometimes make parents dizzy, because they have to stay up all night. To help him recognize bedtime more quickly, you can do some routine activities before bed, such as turning off the lights, breastfeeding, and singing a song.

2. Newborns don't need a quiet atmosphere to fall asleep

While still in the womb, the baby is used to noise and he can still sleep soundly. how come. So, actually you don't need to whisper when the baby is sleeping. Most importantly, don't make a loud, startling sound.

3. Newborns only needneedrightsimple bedroom

The criteria for a comfortable bed that are in the minds of adults may be a soft mattress, blanket, and surrounded by soft pillows. However, this is actually not necessary for the baby to be able to sleep well. He just needs a solid baby mattress with a flat surface to support his back safely.

So, get rid of objects that are not needed and actually risk inhibiting the baby's breathing, such as blankets, pillows, dolls, or bolsters. Putting these objects around the baby while sleeping can increase the risk of sudden death in the baby.

4. Newborns shouldn't sleep too long

Do not let the baby sleep too long in one sleep session. Given that the stomach is still small and cannot absorb large amounts of milk, you must regularly breastfeed it every 2-3 hours.

Naturally, babies wake up on their own when hungry. However, if you see your little one has been sleeping for too long, you should wake him up and nurse him.

Newborns sleep patterns are still not regular. But this is only temporary, how come. Before long, he also began to adjust to bedtime and was able to sleep longer. Even so, if you feel your little one sleeps too short or too long, or if he never sleeps well, you should check with your pediatrician, okay?