Know This Before Doing Eyebrow Embroidery

One of the beauty procedures that are quite popular today among women is eyebrow embroidery. Eyebrow embroidery aims to improve the shape of the eyebrows and make the face look different and more attractive.

The decision to do eyebrow embroidery in order to get beautiful eyebrows is in your hands. However, before doing this, it's a good idea to know what eyebrow embroidery is, and to consider the benefits and risks of an eyebrow embroidery procedure.

Eyebrow Embroidery Techniques and Working Procedures

Eyebrow embroidery technique is one of the beauty techniques that aims to improve or trim the shape of the eyebrows. Please note that this eyebrow embroidery procedure must be carried out by a beautician or professional.

The process of making eyebrow embroidery is done using special tools equipped with fine needles and special inks. This tool is used to make small strokes or incisions following your natural brow groove.

After that, special ink will be instilled with the tool into the incisions or strokes similar to the eyebrow hair that has been formed earlier.

This process will generally cause pain. However, the pain will gradually disappear over the course of treatment after the eyebrow embroidery procedure.

Treatment After Eyebrow Embroidery Procedure

If done with unsterilized tools or not by an expert, the scratches or incisions formed during eyebrow embroidery can put you at risk of infection. Not only that, the risk of infection can also be higher if you don't take good care of your eyebrows after undergoing eyebrow embroidery.

Therefore, so that the eyebrow embroidery remains in accordance with the desired results and can avoid the risk of infection, here are some tips that you can do:

  • Keep the area around the eyebrows dry for at least 10 days after the eyebrow embroidery is done. You are also advised to keep your face dry while bathing.
  • Avoid using make up on the eyebrows for at least a week.
  • Avoid touching or scratching the area around the eyebrows.
  • Try not to let your hair touch your newly embroidered brows.
  • Avoid activities that can cause your face to sweat a lot or get wet, such as sports, swimming, cooking too long, and saunas, until the newly embroidered eyebrow area is completely healed.
  • Avoid direct sunlight to prevent the appearance of dark spots or hyperpigmentation in the area around the embroidered eyebrows.

In addition to the tips above, the beautician who does eyebrow embroidery will also apply cream or ointment to the embroidered eyebrow area to prevent infection.

Side Effects of Eyebrow Embroidery Procedure

Although it can beautify your appearance, eyebrow embroidery can also bring some risks, namely:

Allergic reaction

As previously mentioned, eyebrow embroidery techniques use special inks in the process. The ingredients in this special ink can cause an allergic skin reaction. Therefore, you should do an allergy test first before undergoing the eyebrow embroidery procedure, especially if you do have a history of allergies.


Not only that, eyebrow embroidery can also cause infection due to wounds after the eyebrow embroidery procedure is done. If it is done in an unsanitary place or not by an expert, the tools used to make eyebrow embroidery may not be properly sterilized, which can lead to infections, such as hepatitis and HIV/AIDS.

Therefore, you should look for a beautician or professional who is truly an expert in eyebrow embroidery.

In addition, there are several health conditions that make you should not do or delay the eyebrow embroidery procedure, including:

  • Is pregnant
  • Have you ever received an organ transplant?
  • Have a weak immune system (immunocompromised)
  • Suffering from certain skin diseases, such as eczema, rosacea, and keloids

If after eyebrow embroidery you experience swelling of the eyebrows, a scab appears on the eyebrows after 2 weeks, feels constant pain, and if the eyebrows appear pus or bleeding, immediately consult a doctor.

This may indicate that the newly embroidered eyebrows have an infection and need to be treated. Eyebrow embroidery, aesthetically it can improve appearance, but be aware of the risks to health. If you have special medical conditions, allergies, or skin disorders, you should first consult with your doctor before doing eyebrow embroidery.