How to Satisfy This Couple You Need to Try

One of the keys to a happier and more harmonious household is how you satisfy your partner. This method needs to be known by each partner, both husband and wife.

Basically, domestic harmony is made up of love, affection, physical touch, and romantic relationships. One way to maintain domestic romance is to satisfy your partner during sex.

Various Ways to Satisfy Your Partner

The following are tips that you can do to satisfy your partner during sexual intercourse:

1. Build intimacy

It is important to build intimacy by communicating with each other before and during intercourse. Start your closeness with your partner by kissing and hugging him. Then continue to hold, caress, or stroke the sensitive area, until you both reach orgasm.

2. Whisper romantic sentences

Saying romantic sentences into your partner's ear while having sex can provide an extra sexual sensation. This can not only be done when going to have sex, but it can be started earlier, for example by calling, sending a role, or e-mail friendly to your partner.

3. Give a light massage

When sexual activity, start slowly. Create a relaxed atmosphere when stroking your partner's skin, as part of strengthening sexual arousal. After that, you can gently massage the nape and shoulders. This can make him more relaxed, as well as excited.

4. Involve all five senses

Increase your partner's arousal by engaging all of his five senses. For example, stimulate the sense of touch by giving it a soft touch, applying a mild scented oil, or giving massage to the points of stimulation, such as wrists, forearms, elbows, behind the neck, and behind the ears.

Also treat the sense of hearing by playing your favorite romantic song. Then, engage the sense of sight by preparing candles and flowers that make the dim atmosphere even more romantic. The same is true when you hear the exhalation or sigh of a partner that makes you even more excited.

5. Clean yourself

Having sex before bathing or when the body is sweating after activities, can make sexual activity for you and your partner uncomfortable. Therefore, make sure you and your partner have cleaned up before having sex to avoid bad odors.

6. Have sex elsewhere

Another way you can do to satisfy your partner is to try to have sex elsewhere, for example in the TV room, kitchen, or in the bathroom. However, before you start, make sure the children or other family members can't catch you and your partner.

7. Use lubricant

For women, using lubricants during sexual intercourse can be a way to satisfy a partner. The reason is, women tend to take longer to achieve sexual satisfaction, so if you don't do foreplay long enough, your vagina will not be perfectly lubricated. This condition makes sexual intercourse uncomfortable.

To overcome this, you can use additional lubricants to get satisfaction in sexual intercourse. Use a water based lubricant (water-based lubricants), so that it is easy to use and clean, and does not damage the condom.

8. Share sexual fantasies with your partner

Everyone has different sexual fantasies, so there's nothing wrong with sharing stories about sexual fantasies with your partner. Don't be afraid to share your imagined sexual fantasies for the sake of comfort while creating an unforgettable lovemaking experience.

You can do some of the ways to satisfy the couple above to maintain household harmony. Do not hesitate to talk to your partner about the things you want during sex, and vice versa. Some men may want to try using strong drugs to improve sexual performance, but the use of these drugs should first be consulted with a doctor.