Achieve a Healthy Body with the Benefits of Hulahoop

Fun and exciting. That's how many people feel when playing hulahoop. But tidThat's all, it turns out that there are many health benefits of hulahoop, mstart from shrink circle waist and pshrivel, to nourish the heart.

Hulahoop is a light sport. Doing this exercise is rated at the same intensity as certain aerobic exercises, such as salsa dancing or belly dancing.

Anything Benefits of Hulahoop from the Medical Side?

Exercising using hulahoop provides tremendous health benefits, including:

1. Healthy heart

A study involving 120 participants with an age range of 18-45 years showed that exercising with hulahoop can help maintain heart health.

In the study, it was seen that people who exercised with hulahoop for 30 minutes on a regular basis experienced an increase in heart rate, smoother blood flow, and felt more fit.

2. Make the body more flexible

Hulahoop is also useful for body flexibility. The movements performed while playing hulahoop have a good impact on the strength of the back, shoulders, stomach, arms, and legs.

3. Burn calories in the body

Playing hulahoop for 30 minutes can burn as much as 160-200 calories. If you do it for about six weeks, you can reduce your waist circumference by about 3 cm. Therefore, playing hulahoop can be used as a form of exercise to maintain weight.

 4. Play and teach at the same timei children to live healthy

Exercising using hulahoop is an entertaining game. Try inviting your child and their friends to play hulahoop together. Give understanding to children that playing hulahoop is good for their health and growth.

Three Hula MoveshOops Need to Know

The benefits of the hulahoop above you can get more leverage by varying the movement. When playing hulahoop, try to do it with the following moves:

Side movement

For beginners, you can try the easier hulahoop movement first, which is the sideways movement. This movement is practiced with the body standing upright and feet parallel to the shoulders. After that, rotate the hulahoop followed by a hip movement left and right.

As you do this move, tighten your abs and make sure the hulahoop touches the sides of your waist.

Move forwards and backwards

The next movement that can be tried is a circular motion forward and backward. You can follow this circular motion clockwise or vice versa.

If you're following clockwise, start with your left foot more forward than your right. Instead, position your right foot more forward if you want to turn counterclockwise.

Then hold the hulahoop at the waist, move the hulahoop, and start swinging your hips back and forth constantly.

Movement walk

Once you get used to the forward and backward movement, try to continue as you walk.

Walk forward slowly while moving the hulahoop. To make it easier to walk, step up as you push the hulahoop forward with your hips. If you get used to it, you can continue walking at a faster tempo.

Hulahoop can be an option in maintaining health and fitness. To be able to get the benefits of hulahoop, choose a hulahoop whose circumference and weight are according to the size and ability of your body. For beginners, don't immediately use a heavy hulahoop, but also don't go too light because it is difficult to control.