Here's How to Overcome Sore Nipples While Breastfeeding

Sore nipples when breastfeeding is one of the most common problems faced by breastfeeding mothers. So that breastfeeding activities are not disrupted, it is important for every nursing mother to know how to deal with this situation.

Usually, sore nipples during breastfeeding occur in the first week of breastfeeding and will disappear a few days after. However, there are some breastfeeding mothers who experience this complaint for weeks, so that the breastfeeding process is not optimal.

This condition can occur due to many things, ranging from the wrong way of breastfeeding or breastfeeding attachment, mistakes when using a breast pump, sores on the nipples, to breast infections.

How to deal with sore nipples while breastfeeding

Before discussing how to deal with nipple pain, one thing to remember is that stopping breastfeeding is not the answer. In fact, this can trigger other problems that will increase the pain in the breast, such as mastitis or breast abscess.

Instead of stopping breastfeeding, there are several quick and safe ways to deal with sore nipples while breastfeeding, so Busui can still breastfeed your little one comfortably. Following are some of them:

1. Make sure the baby's position while breastfeeding is correct

Sore nipples when breastfeeding can occur because the baby's mouth is not attached to the breast properly. When breastfeeding, your baby should suck on the nipple and the entire areola (the dark circle around the nipple).

Otherwise, the baby will only bite the mother's nipple. This will certainly make the mother's sensitive nipples in pain. To achieve the correct position, Busui can use a nursing pillow if necessary.

2. Apply freshly expressed breast milk

Applying about 2 drops of freshly expressed breast milk to Busui's nipples can help relieve nipple pain. Before applying breast milk to your nipples, make sure Busui washes your hands thoroughly, OK? After that, wait until the milk applied to the nipple is dry before covering the breast with a bra or clothing.

Breast milk has an antibacterial effect that can provide protection against sores in the nipple area. However, Busui cannot use this method if there is a yeast infection around the nipple, because the fungus will grow faster in the presence of breast milk or humid conditions.

3. Compress warm or cold water

Warm or cold compresses are also an easy and simple way to treat sore nipples while breastfeeding. Although it doesn't have antibacterial properties, applying a compress to the nipple after breastfeeding can relieve pain by reducing swelling.

To do this, simply dip a cloth in warm or cold water, squeeze out the water, and place the cloth over the nipples and breasts for a few minutes. After that, dry by gently patting a towel, cloth, or tissue against the nipple.

4. Keep your breasts and bra clean

Always maintaining good breast and bra hygiene is important in overcoming and preventing sore nipples while breastfeeding. Making sure your bra is clean every day and changing it every time it gets wet or dirty can prevent the growth of mold and bacteria in your breasts.

How to care for breasts to keep them clean is also quite easy, how come. Busui just need to clean the breast regularly with soap. Avoid using soaps containing detergents or perfumes that can make the skin of the breasts and nipples dry, irritated, and cracked.

5. Wear a comfortable bra

It's not enough to just ensure the cleanliness of the bra and breasts, Busui also needs to wear a bra that fits the size of the bust, not too tight and not too loose. This is important to prevent sore nipples from rubbing against the bra.

If Busui wears breast pads, try not to use products made from plastic or waterproof, yes. Instead, use a material that is 100% made of cotton so that air circulation around the breast remains smooth.

6. Use a nipple moisturizer

If the nipples are dry and cracked, Busui can use a nipple moisturizing cream to treat it. However, Busui needs to be careful in choosing a product. Choose products that are made from olive oil, do not have a strong odor, and are labeled hypoallergenic.

Maybe Busui never found a nipple cream that contains painkillers. Although it will be more effective in relieving sore nipples, creams like this are not recommended because they can interfere with the baby's ability to suck milk.

nowThese are the ways that Busui can do to treat sore nipples while breastfeeding. By applying these various methods, it is hoped that Busui will be able to breastfeed more comfortably and the little one will get optimal milk intake.

If Busui still has questions about treating sore nipples while breastfeeding, whether it's about the best cream or bra to wear, Busui doesn't need to hesitate to consult a doctor. In addition, Busui also needs to see a doctor if the sore nipple does not heal or the pain is getting worse.