Wearing a Bra while Sleeping, Is it Dangerous?

Most women may prefer to take off their bra when they want to sleep. The reason, possible to be more comfortable while avoiding the various bad effects. Even according to the news circulating in the community, wearing a bra while sleeping can increase the risk of breast cancer.

Bras may block circulation to the lymph nodes and interfere with the removal of substances that the body does not need. This is thought to increase the risk of breast cancer.

Wearing a Bra to Sleep and Breast Cancer

The cause of breast cancer itself is not yet known. Breast cancer occurs when breast gland cells mutate and grow abnormally. These cells grow quickly to form lumps in the breast, and can spread to the lymph nodes or other parts of the body.

Then, whether wearing a bra while sleeping can cause mutations in breast gland cells? now, in fact, experts have not been able to find scientific evidence to support this assumption. In fact, wearing a underwire bra, which is the most frequently blamed for causing cancer, has also not been shown to increase your risk of developing breast cancer.

So if it makes you more comfortable, you can wear a bra every day for a full day, without having to fear the bad effects that lurk. Wearing a bra all day is believed to prevent sagging breasts. The reason is, wearing a bra is good for maintaining the structure of your breasts, especially Cooper's ligaments. These ligaments play an important role in giving shape to your breasts.

To Be Comfortable Wearing Bra swhen sleeping

In order to get quality sleep, it is recommended to wear a bra that suits the condition of your breasts. Here are tips for choosing a comfortable bra to wear while sleeping:

  • In order for air circulation around the breasts to run smoothly, it is recommended to wear a bra made of cotton or natural fibers. Choose the type of material that is soft, so as to make the breasts move freely.
  • Avoid wearing a bra that is too tight, because it can irritate the breasts. This pain can make your sleep uncomfortable. Also avoid bras that are too loose.
  • You can also wear pajamas whose upper has been designed like a bra.
  • It is recommended not to wear a underwire bra for the sake of comfort.
  • Change bra while sleeping. Do not wear a bra that you wear to move from morning to night, especially if your bra has been covered in sweat.

To find out whether the bra you are using is right or not, try checking if your breasts, shoulders, or back area is experiencing redness and pain. Are there any traces of bra straps or bra cups in the area? If so, then it's time for you to find a new bra.

If you find relatives or friends who often wear bras to sleep and get breast cancer, don't blame them for that habit. It could be, he does belong to a group at high risk of breast cancer.

Several things that can increase the risk of breast cancer are consuming alcoholic beverages, never been pregnant, smoking, obesity, often exposed to high-intensity radiation, heredity factors, increasing age, getting the first menstruation under the age of 12 years, pregnant over the age of 35 years. , late menopause, or taking hormone therapy drugs.

To anticipate this, you can do a breast self-examination and undergo regular breast examinations by a doctor. In this way, abnormalities in your breasts can be detected early and can be treated immediately.