Know How to Safely Clean Earwax

Cleaning earwax is often done using cotton bud. However, this method can actually damage the ear canal and eardrum. Well, to prevent injury to the ear, you need to understand how to clean earwax properly and safely.

Earwax or cerumen is produced by glands on the outside of the ear canal. The production of earwax actually aims to block dust or other small particles that have the potential to irritate or infect the eardrum.

Earwax also acts as a layer that protects the skin of the ear canal from water. Without earwax, this area can become dry, itchy, and even prone to infection.

It is important to know that the ear actually has a self-cleaning mechanism, namely through jaw movements such as when chewing. When chewing, earwax will be pushed up to the outer part of the ear canal.

However, you can try several ways to clean earwax, either with the help of a doctor or do it yourself at home, to avoid blockage due to earwax. However, make sure the method used is appropriate and safe so as not to cause interference with the ears.

Causes of Earwax Blockage

Despite having a self-cleaning mechanism, some people have ear canals that are too small to make it difficult for earwax to come out on its own. This can lead to blockage of the ear canal by dirt or debris cerumen prop.

In addition, blockage of the ear canal can also be caused by an improper cleaning process. For example, using cotton bud or hair clips. This can actually push earwax deeper into the ear, and can even cause ear injuries.

Some other conditions that can trigger earwax blockage include:

  • Using hearing aids or earplugs (earplugs) and earphones which can increase the amount of earwax
  • Have a narrow ear canal
  • Have a lot of hair in the ear canal
  • Have inflammation of the ear canal or otitis externa
  • Have certain skin conditions that affect the scalp or the skin around the ears

In addition, blockage due to earwax can also occur in those who are elderly. This is because as you get older, earwax gets drier and harder, so the risk of blockage is higher.

How to Clean Earwax

There are several safe ways to deal with blockage due to earwax that can be done, including:

Using ear drops

To soften earwax, you can use over-the-counter ear drops or add a few drops baby oil and glycerin into the ear canal.

Make sure you are lying on your side and let the medication sit for about 5 minutes until the earwax softens. However, if you have an ear infection, avoid using these ear drops.

Flushing the ear canal with an injection device (syringe)

This method uses a round injection device to inject water or saline into the ear. This process aims to rinse the ear canal, so that earwax can come out. This method cannot be performed on people who have a hole in the eardrum.

Use cotton bud only allowed to clean the outer ear, not the inner ear canal. Meanwhile, the method ear candles It is also not recommended because it can cause injury, such as burns to the ear canal and outer ear or perforated eardrum.

Keep in mind that cleaning earwax with certain tools must be done by a doctor. So, consult a doctor if you want to clean earwax, as well as if you have ear complaints or hearing loss.