Don't Choose The Wrong Soap For Baby's Sensitive Skin

Baby's sensitive skin requires special care and products for them, especially the type of soap. In choosing the wrong care products, baby's skin can actually be disturbed. Avoid using pproducts that are generally used for adults, because they are not suitable for babies' skin conditions.

Because they tend to be thin and delicate, babies' sensitive skin is more prone to skin problems than adults. Care for sensitive baby skin, you should use a product with a formula that is specifically for baby's sensitive skin.

Caring for Baby's Skin Hygiene and Health

Caring for the cleanliness and health of the baby's skin can be done by bathing the baby using a special baby soap that is able to clean and keep the baby's skin moist well. Then, daily clean the baby's face, neck, and hands with a clean cloth.

In addition, when bathing the baby, avoid using water that is too hot or cold. It is recommended to bathe the baby with warm water, which is at a temperature of around 37 degrees Celsius or as body temperature.

Bathing the baby should not be too long. Babies who are under one year old are not recommended to bathe for more than 10 minutes, because it can make the baby's skin dry and easily irritated.

So that baby's sensitive skin is protected from prickly heat, you can try wearing clothes from natural fibers such as cotton and loosening the clothes he is wearing to maintain air circulation and maintain good sweat absorption. And don't forget to check and change baby's diapers regularly to avoid diaper rash in babies.

Tips for Choosing the Right Baby Soap

In addition to the things mentioned above, preventing the baby's sensitive skin from experiencing dryness and irritation can also be done by choosing the right baby soap. Mothers are advised to choose baby soap that contains ingredients with mild formulations and is able to maintain the pH balance of the baby's skin.

Here are some criteria for choosing baby soap:

  • Contains Glycerin

Baby soap that contains glycerin tends to moisturize baby's skin so it can prevent dry and irritated skin.

  • pH balanced

It's also important to make sure baby soap has a balanced pH. Mother can choose baby soap with pH information balanced, which means the pH level of the soap has been balanced and adjusted to be close to the pH value of the baby's skin, so that it can help maintain the health of the baby's skin layer.

  • Hypoallergenic

If the baby soap packaging has a description hypoallergenic, meaning that the risk of the product causing an irritation or allergic reaction tends to be smaller.

  • Fragrance free dangerous and alcohol

It is recommended to choose baby soap that is free of harmful fragrances and alcohol to avoid the risk of baby's skin irritation.

  • Paraben free

Parabens are often used as preservatives and prevent bacterial or fungal contamination in a product. However, products containing parabens need to be watched out for because they are thought to have the possibility of increasing the risk of developing cancer.

  • Avoid products with antibacterial labels

This content is not common in special baby products. Although it seems more useful for maintaining healthy baby skin, it turns out that the use of antibacterial soap on babies may actually cause skin irritation.

After bathing the baby, to keep the baby's skin moist and well hydrated, don't forget to apply moisturizer to the baby's skin. Then change the baby's diaper regularly and clean it carefully, so that skin irritation can be avoided.

Choosing treatments including soap for baby's sensitive skin does need special attention. So, parents should be more careful in choosing baby sensitive skin care products, so that baby's skin health is maintained and skin irritation in babies can be avoided.