Recognize the Differences in Fish Eyes, Warts, and Calluses, and How to Overcome Them

Mor fish, warts, and calluses are often considered the same thing, but they are three different. MLet's recognize the difference between fisheyes, warts, and calluses, so that you can handle it properly.

Corns, warts, and calluses occur when the skin layer hardens and thickens. This condition often occurs in the feet and hands, but can also appear in other parts of the body.

Causes and Signs of Fisheye, Warts, and Calluses

Although they look similar, fisheye, warts, and calluses are three different diseases. Here are the causes and signs that differentiate these three conditions:

Fish eye

Fisheye is a thickening of the skin caused by repeated friction or pressure on the same area of ​​skin.

Some things that can trigger this condition are wearing shoes that are too narrow, wearing shoes without socks, and doing activities or sports that put pressure on certain skin areas.

Fish eye is characterized by the appearance of a thickening or lump on the skin, for example on the leg. This thickening will be painful when pressed or when wearing shoes. The thickenings and lumps in the eyelets have a core surrounded by a thickened portion. If they are irritated, the fish's eyes can be red and feel hot.


The cause of calluses is actually almost the same as fish eyes, namely due to friction or pressure on the skin that occurs repeatedly for a long time. However, the size of the calluses varies greatly and is generally larger than the eye of the fish.

The area where calluses appear is also wide, not only on the soles of the feet, but also under the heels, even on the palms of the hands. In addition, calluses are painless and often accompanied by dry or cracked skin.


Unlike fisheye and calluses, warts are bumps on the skin caused by a viral infection human papillomavirus (HPV). There are various types of the HPV virus that can attack the skin on any part of the body.

Warts can be recognized by the presence of small, hard, and rough bumps on the surface of the skin. Usually warts that appear on the skin are slightly white, pink, or brown in color.

How to Get Rid of Warts, Calluses, and Fish Eyes

These three conditions can cause discomfort, so handling should be done since the complaint appears, among others, by avoiding things that can trigger and exacerbate complaints.

Some ways that can be done are using comfortable footwear, avoiding the use of shoes that are too tight, using socks with the right size, and choosing socks with comfortable materials to reduce friction between the feet and the shoes.

If you have a job or activity that uses a certain part of your body, such as your hands or feet, where repeated stress is possible, wear protection so that the part doesn't suffer from constant friction or pressure.

In addition, maintain good health, so that the immune system can function optimally. This is important to treat infections of the skin caused by the HPV virus.

To treat thickening of the skin on fisheyes, warts, and calluses, you can use an ointment that contains salicylic acid. This ingredient works by eroding the thickened layer of skin little by little and increasing skin moisture. But remember, use the ointment according to the instructions for use on the product packaging.

If you have certain health conditions, such as diabetes or disorders of the peripheral blood vessels, you should avoid independent treatment and consult a doctor to get the right treatment. Likewise, if the fish eyes, warts, and calluses do not improve even though they have been treated with over-the-counter medicines without a doctor's prescription.