Healthy Underwear

Many women pay special attention in choosing their underwear. Healthy underwear can help reduce the risk of infection. Although not seen by many people, underwear does have a big impact on the comfort and confidence of the user as well as the health of the user.

When choosing underwear, especially underwear, there are many things that you should consider. Apart from how the underwear looks on your body, another thing you need to consider is whether the underwear poses a risk of health problems or not.

Standard cotton underwear is a great choice, both in terms of comfort and health. Although in terms of appearance, this type of underwear does look more out of date, but these panties can reduce the risk of health problems such as skin rashes to fungal infections.

Get to know the Material and Type of Healthy Underwear

Talking about the type of material and the type of favorite pants will certainly be different for everyone. You may not like cotton because these pants make the buttocks area look less impressive. However, if you want variety, here are some tips to keep in mind when buying or wearing other styles of panties:

Choosing the Right Material

An important thing to consider when choosing underwear is the material of the pants.

Cotton Panties

For everyday use, nothing beats the comfort of cotton. This material is soft, lightweight, and very comfortable. Not only that, cotton is also good for the health and hygiene of your intimate organs. Wearing cotton underwear means letting your vagina 'breathe'. Cotton also absorbs any existing sweat, and thus prevents the growth of mold.

Nylon or Synthetic Material

If you want to use nylon or synthetic underwear, make sure the part that covers the labia or vagina is made of cotton that can absorb sweat.


Thong/g-stringinvite various controversies and opinions. Some say that underwear in this model can increase the risk of urinary tract infections, bladder infections and is accused of being one of the causes of hemorrhoids. Is that right? Until now, it turns out that there is no accurate research to confirm this opinion.

Corset Wear

The use of a special corset is believed to help and maintain the body shape to stay slim and ideal permanently. But in fact, there is no research that supports this fact scientifically. Wearing a corset that is too tight or doesn't match your body's condition actually risks causing several problems, such as skin irritation due to the pressure being too tight, acid reflux disease, bruising, and uncomfortable breathing.

Replace if you Sweat

If you often sweat on the bottom or after exercising, change your underwear immediately. Wet underwear is a favorite place for bacteria to breed.

Use Loose Sleeping Pants

Avoid sleep pants (or any pants) that are too tight. Underwear that is too tight will make the sex organs hot and humid. In fact, once in a while you can try to sleep without wearing underwear. This can help improve air circulation and reduce humidity in your intimate area.

Diligently changing underwear and adjusting your underwear to the activity you are currently undergoing will make it easier for you to move comfortably, while always maintaining the health of your intimate organs. If you experience vaginal discharge that is accompanied by itching, unpleasant odor, or there is a disturbing vaginal discharge that appears on your underwear, you should consult a doctor for this condition.

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