About Baby Shower Celebrations and Preparations

baby shower is a small party held for the mother-to-be and the baby they are carrying. This celebration is now becoming a trend among young couples. If you want to hold this event, you should first understand what it is baby shower and what needs to be prepared.

baby shower It is a common tradition in western countries. At this celebration, the mother-to-be together with the closest people will celebrate the happy moment of her pregnancy as well as prepare to welcome the arrival of the prospective baby. In Indonesian culture, this tradition is almost similar to the four-month or seven-month tradition.

If the seven-monthly tradition is thick with traditional processions and religious rituals, it is different with baby shower which is synonymous with parties and giving gifts for the mother-to-be and the baby they are carrying. Therefore, guests who come usually bring gifts in the form of baby equipment.

baby shower generally held by the closest people, such as friends, co-workers, or family. Apart from encouraging baby shower is expected to help expectant mothers to reduce stress or worry that may be felt in the face of childbirth.

Making Baby Shower a Fun Event

One of the things that must be considered when holding baby shower is to determine whether this event will be held as a surprise or not. Therefore, consider whether the mother-to-be prefers surprise parties or prefers to be involved in the preparations.

Here are some event preparation guides baby shower what you can do:

1. Determine the right time

baby shower can actually be held at any time once the woman is declared pregnant or even after the baby is born. However, most choose to do it in the last trimester of pregnancy or 1-2 months before the mother-to-be gives birth.

To choose the most appropriate date, you can confirm in advance with relatives and friends who want to be invited. Do not let you make an event, but not attended by the closest people.

In Indonesia itself, baby shower often held when entering the age of 7 months of pregnancy, with the aim of providing moral and spiritual support to prospective mothers.

2. Choose the right place

ideally, baby shower In fact, it is not held at the prospective mother's house so as not to add to the burden of cleaning up afterwards. However, you can still have a celebration at your mother-to-be's house if you have family or friends to help.

If not, baby shower can be held by renting a place that has adequate facilities, such as a restaurant.

3. Spread the invitation

You can discuss the guest list that will attend with the mother-to-be or the father-to-be. You can also manage communication via the service video call with relatives or distant friends who cannot attend the event.

Invitations can be delivered through various means, such as electronic mail or text messages. Avoid sending invitations on the spur of the moment and don't forget to include a theme, if any.

4. Determine an interesting theme

Decide on a theme that is not difficult and can unite all invited guests. Themes can help you define the important elements of a party, such as venue and decor.

Provide food and drinks according to the theme, time, and funds. The theme you choose can also be adjusted to the things that are liked by the mother-to-be.

5. Create a series of events

The series of events that will be held can vary, depending on the character of the guests present and also the mother-to-be who will host the event.

To keep it interesting, you can do several activities during the event baby shower, for example, you could ask guests to bring photos of themselves as babies to use as a photo guessing game.

You can also invite guests to make handicrafts that will be used as decorations in the baby's room. The opening of gifts is sometimes the highlight of the celebration baby shower.

6. Taking into account needs and funds

Make details of what is needed and the amount of funds needed, including food, drinks, tableware, gifts to take home, gifts for games, place rentals, to decorations.

To save costs, you can also ask each guest to bring food or drinks with the concept of the event potluck.

7. Prepare event documentation

Capture the event baby shower with cameras and videos so that they become memories for mothers-to-be and their families. Ask each guest to share testimonials, support, hopes and prayers, even tips for moms-to-be in a video.

This documentation will make a special impression on him, especially if the words and support come from the closest people in his life. With the right planning, you can make baby shower as a memorable moment for mothers-to-be.

Even though it looks fun and interesting, the event baby shower should not be held first for a while. This is done in order to physical distancing to stop the spread of the Corona virus. However, if you still want to hold baby shower, this event can be done through conference calls.