Find out how to get pregnant fast after family planning here

After the use of family planning is discontinued, generally women will return to fertility and have a chance to get pregnant. However, not all women can get pregnant immediately after stopping family planning. But don't worry, because there are several ways to get pregnant quickly after family planning.

There are two important factors that determine a woman will get pregnant sooner or later after family planning. The first factor is the condition of the body, and the second is the family planning method used.

Various HObstacles to Pregnancy After Family Planning

One of the conditions that can hinder your pregnancy after family planning is age. Women aged over 40 years will have a harder time getting pregnant, because the quality and number of eggs has decreased with age.

In addition, a number of health problems or an unhealthy lifestyle can also hinder pregnancy after family planning, for example suffering from certain diseases or having irregular periods. These conditions will cause a decrease in fertility levels.

Another factor that is no less important in determining whether or not to get pregnant after family planning is the type of family planning used. Some types of birth control have a longer-lasting contraceptive effect, so even after their use is discontinued, the effect will last for some time.

Know Bvarious ways to get pregnant fast after family planning

The first step you can take to get pregnant again is to immediately remove the contraceptive and stop using family planning in any form. If you use birth control in the form of injections, stop the birth control injection 9 months before planning a pregnancy.

In hormonal birth control, such as the pill and birth control injections, it may take several menstrual cycles before the user can get pregnant. However, this is not an absolute thing, because actually when contraceptive use is stopped, women of childbearing age can get pregnant at any time.

After removing contraceptives or family planning, do the following ways to get pregnant quickly:

1. Count and mark the fertile period

In order to get pregnant faster after stopping birth control, calculate your fertile period. That way, you and your partner can have sex during this fertile period to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

2. Have sex before experiencing the ovulation cycle

Once mature, the egg will be released from the ovary into the fallopian tube to be fertilized. The egg only survives for one day, at most two days after it is released. While sperm can survive for 2-3 days in the fallopian tube.

Therefore, it is advisable to find out first when your ovulation period, so that you can have sex before ovulation occurs. This is done to increase the chance of meeting the egg and sperm.

3. Avoid using lubricating fluids

A study revealed that vaginal lubricants can affect the balance of acid-base (pH) levels in the vagina. This can reduce the movement of sperm cells to reach the egg and fertilize it.

If you want to use a lubricant for sex, choose a water-based one (water-based) and does not contain spermicide.

4. Don't give up quickly

Do not give up after some time you do not get pregnant after stopping birth control. Many couples mistakenly calculate the fertile period, so the chances of a sperm cell fertilizing an egg cell are low. Again, you need to calculate and mark your ovulation cycle to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Before stopping family planning, you can consult a gynecologist for the right time. You can also ask your doctor about ways you can get pregnant quickly after family planning.

If you are still not pregnant after a year of stopping family planning, even though you have routine sex and apply the methods above, it is recommended to go back to the obstetrician.