This is how to take care of safe female intimate organ hygiene

Negligence in maintaining the cleanliness of the female sex organs can cause itching, irritation, oreven white, which tyouhiswill cause discomfort. Therefore, It is important to maintain the cleanliness of the female intimate organs safely and correctly.

Various kinds of busy women can trigger an increase in sweat production. For example, when exercising to maintain health, including yoga, Zumba, or other exercise options. Whereas when sweating, the area of ​​​​the intimate organs becomes more humid, so it is important to maintain the cleanliness of the intimate organs properly.

The vaginal area has more bacteria than any other part of the body. However, most of these bacteria are good bacteria, which serves to protect the vagina from infection while maintaining the vaginal pH balance.

Keeping Intimate Organs Clean

So that the pH balance and good bacteria in the vagina are maintained properly, here are some ways to clean the female intimate organs that must be considered:

  • Rinsing after defecating properly

After every urination or defecation, make it a habit to clean the vagina properly, namely by washing it with clean water from front to back. This method can prevent the vagina or urethra from getting bacteria from the anus that can cause urinary tract infections to kidney infections, and bacterial infections of the vagina.

  • Avoid using soap containing perfume

Avoid cleaning the vagina using soap that contains perfume. The use of soaps that contain perfume can affect the normal balance of bacteria in the vagina, vaginal pH, and may also cause irritation. Choose a soap that is gentle, and has a balanced pH. Soap use, for external use only.

  • Dry with a towel

After cleaning the vagina, do not forget to dry with a clean towel or tissue made of soft. This is because bacteria and fungi can easily multiply in damp areas. If using a tissue, make sure that there are no tissue fibers left and stuck, because damp tissue can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

  • Choose comfortable underwear

The use and care of underwear must be considered. It is preferable to use underwear made of cotton. This material can absorb sweat well so that it helps reduce excess moisture in the female organs. Don't forget to change your underwear, especially after activities.

Choosing products to maintain the cleanliness of the female organs is often confusing, because there are so many choices of feminine hygiene products sold in the market. However, not all feminine hygiene products are safe for daily use.

Tips for Choosing Women's Cleaning Products

In addition to applying regular personal hygiene care, some women choose to also use cleaning products specifically for the feminine area. However, do not make the wrong choice. It is actually enough to clean the female area by washing with clean water. However, if you are one of those who prefer to use feminine hygiene, here are the things you need to pay attention to:

  • character hypoallergenic

Many women's cleaning products trigger allergic reactions. Before buying women's cleaning products, you should check the label on the product. It is recommended to buy women's cleaning products that include the label hypoallergenic. This product has a lower risk of causing an allergic reaction.

  • Contains good bacteria

Lactobacillus is a type of good bacteria found in the vagina. These bacteria play a role in preventing the growth of bad bacteria that can cause infections in the vagina. Some products for cleaning female sex organs are known to contain milk extract with Lactobacillus, so that it can prevent the growth of bad bacteria in the vagina and also maintain a good vaginal pH balance.

  • Able to keep the vaginal area moist

Vaginal dryness or the humidity is not maintained properly, is one of the causes of vaginal irritation and infection. This condition is quite common in postmenopausal women. To overcome this, it is recommended to choose a feminine area cleaning product that is moisturizing. One of the natural ingredients known to be able to restore and maintain skin moisture properly is aloe vera or aloe vera.

Keeping the vagina clean is part of keeping the body clean, and can prevent you from getting infections or other health problems around the intimate organs. Use feminine cleaning products, according to your daily needs. It is recommended to choose feminine products that are hypoallergenic to reduce the risk of allergies, contains aloe vera and collagen to relieve inflammation and restore moisture, good bacteria Lactobacillus to restore and maintain the pH balance of the female area. Also make sure the products you use have been clinically tested to be safe for the skin (dermatologically tested). Consult a doctor to ensure proper use according to your condition.