Know How to Maintain Proper Ear Health

Bmany person who does not know how to maintain ear health correctly. Though, jfish not health and ear hygiene is not maintained properly, hearing and balance problems may occur.

Taking care of ear hygiene and health is important to prevent various ear problems, such as ear infections, ringing in the ears, to hearing loss, or even sudden deafness.

Not only interfere with hearing, problems with the ears can also disrupt the balance of the body that appears in the form of vertigo. Therefore, you need to maintain good ear health so that the hearing and balance organs continue to function properly.

The Right Way to Maintain Ear Health

The following are some steps you can take to maintain ear health:

1. Stop the habit of picking ears

In the ear canal, the presence of small amounts of earwax is actually normal. Earwax is formed as a way to protect the ear canal from dirt and dust.

However, sometimes there can be a buildup of earwax that makes the ear feel itchy or clogged. Therefore, many people use cotton bud, paper clips, or even hair clips to remove earwax. Be careful, this habit can actually injure the ear and make earwax go deeper.

Actually, the ear has a natural way to clean its own wax. But if earwax builds up and makes your ears feel uncomfortable or your hearing is impaired, you should visit an ENT doctor for a safe ear examination and cleaning.

2. Keep your ears away from loud noises

If you like listening to music using earphones, there are some things you need to pay attention to Do not use earphones or headphones continuously for 1 hour. Give your ear a rest for about 5 minutes before listening to music again.

Also, keep the volume up. Avoid listening to loud music for a long time, as it can damage your ears.

If you work in a noisy environment, such as in a factory or building construction, it is recommended that you use earplugs or ear plugs to prevent hearing loss.

3. Avoid using ear candles

One alternative method that is quite popular in the community for cleaning ears is ear therapy ear candles.

But in fact, many doctors do not recommend the use of ear candles, because this method has not been shown to be effective for cleaning ears and it is not clear what benefits it has for ear health.

Instead of being useful, use ear candles also tends to be dangerous because it can cause ear injuries, such as burning and blockage of the ear canal.

4. Keep your ears dry

Ear conditions that are often wet or too humid allow bacteria and fungi to multiply in the ear. This will trigger irritation and infection of the ear.

If you like swimming, you should use earplugs to prevent water from entering the ear. If you feel that water gets into your ears while bathing, making your hearing blurry, tilt your head right away to drain the water out.

Also, don't forget to always dry your ears with a clean and dry towel after every swim or shower.

5. Perform regular ear examinations

Regular ear examinations to the ENT doctor are also important to maintain ear health and detect if there are problems with the ear. At this examination, the doctor will evaluate the condition of your ear health and hearing function by conducting a physical examination of the ear and hearing tests.

Through regular check-ups with the doctor, signs or symptoms of ear disease can be detected early and treatment can be taken immediately.

If you love your hearing, always maintain good ear health through the methods above. If there are no complaints in the ear or hearing, you can check your ear health to an ENT doctor every 3-5 years.

However, if there are ear complaints, such as ear pain, discharge or blood from the ear, or sudden hearing loss, do not delay to immediately consult an ENT doctor so that treatment can be given immediately.