It turns out that there are benefits of dates for pregnant women

The benefits of dates are not only source of potassium for the body, but also contains other important nutrients, such as magnesiumand manganese.With a variety of nutritional content, dates have special benefits when consumed by pregnant women.

Several experts conducted research on the benefits of dates for pregnant women. The results of the study stated that pregnant women who regularly consume dates in a certain amount, less often require labor induction.

Various Benefits of Dates for Pregnant Women

Consuming dates is believed to provide various benefits, one of which is thought to support a healthy pregnancy by helping to reduce nausea, control blood sugar, and prevent anemia. Unfortunately, there has not been much further research on this subject.

There are studies that have been carried out to study the benefits of dates related to the birth process. This study was conducted on only 69 pregnant women who were given six dates every day, for four weeks before the due date of the baby's birth.

From this study, several good findings were obtained for pregnant women, including:

  • The membranes don't break easily

    In the study, the group of pregnant women who regularly consumed dates in the last weeks before delivery, less often experienced rupture of the membranes before delivery.

  • Normal delivery rate is higher

    In the study, 96 percent of the group of pregnant women who consumed dates underwent normal delivery. Meanwhile, in pregnant women who did not eat dates regularly, only 79 percent had a normal birth.

  • Lower oxytocin requirement

    Oxytocin is a hormone that functions to stimulate uterine contractions to facilitate the delivery process. In prolonged labor, for example, due to the long latent phase, oxytocin injections are needed to induce uterine contractions. regularly consume dates.

It is important to remember that these studies were only conducted in a limited manner. Further research is still needed on the benefits of dates, in a larger test sample, to obtain strong evidence. Even so, there is nothing wrong with consuming dates or date juice as a nutritional supplement.

There are many benefits of dates for pregnant women because of the various nutritional content in them. Similarly, if consumed some time before the due date. However, pregnant women with special health conditions, should consult a doctor for proper advice regarding the consumption of dates.