Understanding Online Doctor Consultation

Advances in technology have made almost everything accessible digitally, including online doctor consultations. This certainly brings benefits, because people can find out their health conditions without the need to visit the hospital and see a doctor in person.

Online doctor consultations are generally done when experiencing mild health complaints. Although it cannot replace an in-person consultation, an online doctor consultation can help provide a temporary picture of the illness you may be suffering from.

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This Is What Online Doctors Handle

You can consult an online doctor at any time when you have health complaints, through an application that is already available. Consultation is not only limited to general practitioners, but also to specialists.

In an online doctor's consultation, the doctor will ask you about the complaints you are experiencing and your medical history. You can also include a photo of the complaint to provide a more detailed picture. For example, if the complaint is in the form of swollen eyes, you can include a photo of the swollen eyes during an online consultation.

If you are taking medication or suffer from certain allergies, don't forget to tell your doctor when you are consulting. That way, the doctor can more easily diagnose the disease you may be suffering from and suggest the treatment that can be done.

In addition, if you suffer from a chronic disease and have no complaints, you can also use an online doctor consultation to monitor your health condition. So, you don't need to consult a doctor directly for routine check-ups, except in an emergency or if the doctor recommends an immediate examination.

With online consultation, the spread of COVID-19 can be suppressed. If there are many people who take advantage of online doctor consultations, the number of people visiting the hospital to see a doctor will also decrease. That way, the risk of contracting or transmitting the Corona virus in hospitals will also be lower.

In addition to making it easier for you to get access to health services, online doctor consultations can also save costs and time. This is because the fees paid for online consultations are not as expensive as the costs of direct consultations, even to specialist doctors.

In addition, transportation costs to visit hospitals or clinics will be cut. You can also save more time by not having to travel to the doctor's office or hospital and wait for your turn to see the doctor.

Disadvantages of Online Doctor Consultation

As previously stated, online doctor consultations cannot completely replace in-person doctor consultations. The reason is, most physical examinations, such as listening to the heartbeat or the sound of fingers tapping on the chest wall and feeling for lumps, cannot be done in online consultations.

Online doctor consultations also only rely on the complaint information that you express and the photos you attach, so the treatment provided may not be as good as if you consulted in person.

Another drawback is that online doctor consultations cannot handle emergency conditions that require quick treatment and the types of drugs that can be prescribed through online consultations are also limited.

The conclusion is that an online doctor consultation can make it easier for you to ask a doctor and get treatment for minor complaints. However, if the complaint does not improve, you need to consult a doctor directly so that a more detailed examination can be carried out.