6 Tips for Safe Swimming With Your Beloved Baby

Swimming with your beloved baby is a fun moment that you can try. But before doing so, make sure you understand the safe tips when swimming with him.

In fact, babies are not recommended to do an intense swimming program or exercise before reaching the age of at least one year. But after the baby is six months old, it doesn't matter if you want to take the baby to play in the shallow pool. This activity also aims to introduce the atmosphere of a swimming pool to the Little One.

Some Preparations to Pay Attention to

Before swimming, you need to prepare all your little one's swimming equipment carefully, including swimwear, diapers that are safe for swimming (swim diapers), sunscreen for babies, and toys or swim buoys with attractive shapes.

Choose a float that is safe for babies. Neck buoys are often used as an option for swimming. However, this type of float can be at risk of straining the baby's neck muscles.

In addition, you can also prepare soft towels or towel robes for your little one (try to have a hooded model), as well as warm milk or solid food so that he can drink and eat after swimming. Don't forget to bring toiletries and a change of diaper that you can put on after she's finished bathing.

Tips for Safe Swimming with Babies

Before taking him swimming, make sure your little one is in good health. If he has a history of health problems, such as asthma or epilepsy, then you should first consult with your doctor about it's safety to swim. Also make sure the swimming pool you choose is safe for babies.

You need to understand that every baby has natural reflexes that make it look like they can swim. This reflex is known as diving reflex. However, that does not mean babies can really swim. Babies still need to be taken care of so that things don't happen, such as drowning.

Therefore, do the following 6 tips when swimming with your beloved baby:

1. Splash water slowly

The first thing you need to do is splash water first on your little one's body slowly and gradually, so that he feels relaxed when swimming later. You can start from the feet first, then move on to the body and hands, until finally to the head, or vice versa.

2. Hold the baby tightly

When your little one has calmed down, he can start swimming with you. The important thing to pay attention to is to always hold your baby tightly and keep him close to your body. In other words, don't let it slip out of sight.

When your little one has started to enjoy swimming activities and is more confident about swimming, try extending your arms a little while moving your little one around.

3. Give an example of blowing bubbles

You can show your baby how to blow bubbles. This is an important lesson because if he could blow bubbles, the water would not be inhaled.

The trick, put your mouth under water, then blow in front of your baby so he imitates it. But be careful if your little one is under 1 year old, because he probably doesn't understand this yet. So, don't force it.

4. Play around the pool

Place your hands on your little one's armpits, then move them forward and backward. This position makes the baby free to kick his feet in the water, while keeping the baby warm.

5. Put on a happy or funny face

Give him a compliment. Even though it's possible that your little one can't understand what adults say, but the happy expression on your face can make him feel happy and safe to play with water.

6. Swim with toys

The next tip you can do is to give your little one toys such as colored balls or other toys that he already recognizes. This is very good for keeping him happy in the water. That way, it will be easier for your little one to feel comfortable in the pool.

In addition to knowing the six tips above, you can also bring your baby to get water therapy at a baby spa treatment. And don't forget to always pay attention to the condition of the baby when swimming. If your little one seems to be shivering, get him out of the pool immediately and wrap him in a towel or cloth so his body feels warm.

It doesn't take too long to take your baby swimming for the first time. You can start swimming with him for 10-15 minutes, then gradually increase in subsequent sessions to 20 minutes.

If he is really used to it or when he is over 1 year old, you can swim with your little one longer, for example for 30 minutes.

So, you don't have to worry anymore when you swim with your little one. If he experiences certain problems after swimming, such as itching or skin irritation, take him to a pediatrician so that he can be given proper treatment.