Is it true that wearing gloves when shopping can ward off the Corona Virus?

In order to ward off the Corona virus, some people feel the need to wear gloves, especially when going shopping. The reason is so that your hands don't get dirty easily when handling shopping baskets and items in the store. However, can this method really protect yourself from the Corona virus?

Corona virus is transmitted through saliva splashes or droplets of COVID-19 sufferers. If you accidentally touch an object that has been exposed to the virus and directly touch your eyes, nose, or mouth without washing your hands first, there is a high chance that you will catch this virus.

Using Gloves When Shopping Is Not Recommended

No vaccine has yet been found to prevent infection with the Corona virus and it has started to take effect new normal This causes the fear of being exposed to the Corona virus to increase.

As a result, in addition to wearing masks, not a few people use gloves in public places to reduce anxiety when touching items that are likely to be touched by other people.

The assumption that wearing gloves when shopping or when leaving the house can reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19 is a very wrong assumption. you know.

Maybe you think by using gloves, your hands will stay clean, so you don't have to bother using hand sanitizer or wash your hands.

In fact, whether gloves are made of rubber or non-rubber, both cannot protect you from the snooping viruses that have infected millions of people in this world.

Gloves may indeed act as a barrier between your hands and a shopping basket or any object you will touch. However, these gloves may already contain germs and bacteria, especially if they are not washed (for cloth or non-rubber gloves) or used many times (for single-use rubber gloves).

In addition, using or removing gloves incorrectly also increases your risk of contracting the Corona virus.

Say you handle an object that contains the Corona virus using gloves. At that time, the Corona virus did not stick to your hands, but to your gloves.

If you keep touching your personal items, such as your wallet, WL, or handle your bag using the same gloves, the virus can transfer to it easily. This event is known as cross contamination.

In addition, if after taking off your gloves you are careless to wash your hands and directly touch your personal items or even your face, the risk of contracting the Corona virus is higher, right? Remember, the Corona virus can survive for at least 24 hours on objects such as cardboard or plastic.

Then, Why is the Use of Gloves Allowed for Medical Workers?

The use of gloves on medical personnel acts as a direct physical barrier between patients and health workers. This is an extra protection when they are required to examine and touch the patient.

By using gloves, not only medical personnel will be protected, patients can also be protected from certain infections that may be carried by medical personnel.

Medical personnel are allowed to use gloves because generally they already know the procedures for using and removing gloves correctly and according to the protocol.

In addition, the gloves used by medical personnel are disposable rubber gloves that are changed every time a patient changes. They are also obliged to keep washing their hands with soap and running water or hand Sanitizer after every time you take off and throw away gloves.

After knowing that the use of gloves when shopping or in public places is not recommended, then from now on you don't need to use gloves anymore, OK?

Using gloves or not, you can still catch the Corona virus or SARS-CoV-2 if you are not disciplined in washing your hands or using hand sanitizer after touching an object that is exposed to this virus or having physical contact with a COVID-19 patient.

The most important step in preventing contracting the Corona virus is to wash your hands with soap and running water for at least 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer, wear a mask when in public, apply physical distancing, and increase endurance by eating nutritious foods and exercising regularly.

If you are still confused, don't hesitate to ask the doctor, okay? Straight to chat with a doctor in the ALODOKTER app. In this application, you can ask questions about the Corona virus or COVID-19 or your health problems.