Foreplay Variations, From Kissing to Cat Bathing

You and your partner may sometimes feel bored doing foreplay or sexual foreplay, that's all. In fact, there are actually various variations of foreplay that can be tried to make intimate relationships more satisfying, such as kissing various parts of the body, to bathing cats.

Basically, foreplay is an important activity to do before sexual intercourse. More than just increasing sexual desire, doing foreplay is also believed to be able to establish emotional closeness, as well as inner satisfaction.

Benefits of Foreplay from the Perspective of Men and Women

The benefits of foreplay can vary from the point of view of men and women. For some men, foreplay may not be considered important. Meanwhile, some other men feel that foreplay is important to do, because it is considered a fun activity, and can help achieve an erection while maintaining it.

On the other hand, useful foreplay calms the body and mind of a woman, so that she is ready to have sex. This 'warming up' activity is also effective for lubricating and relaxing the vaginal muscles, so that the penetration process becomes easier and enjoyable.

So, you can imagine if before having sex, there is no foreplay first. The vagina will feel dry and less flexible, so having sex becomes uncomfortable, it can even be painful for women. Therefore, foreplay is important as a way to satisfy your husband or wife.

Foreplay Variations You Can Do

For those of you who want to make sex feel more fun, there are many ways foreplay that can be done. Here are some variations of foreplay that you can try with your partner:

Kiss the lips and neck

Kissing can be said as an important thing in starting foreplay. There are many variations of kissing, from kissing the lips to kissing the neck and behind the ears. Do it casually and not in a hurry, once in a while you can also lick his neck.

Touch chest and genitals

In addition to kissing, you can also do foreplay by touching or holding sensitive areas of the body, such as the chest, nipples, and genital area. You can touch your partner alternately in several parts of the body.

For men, you can touch your partner's breasts first, then slowly descend until they touch the clitoris and vagina. There is nothing wrong if you also insert your finger into the vagina to further stimulate your partner.

For women, you can touch the neck, then to the chest, and down further until you reach the penis and scrotum. You can also gently grip the penis and scrotum alternately.

cat bath

Cat bathing is a term often used by Indonesians to describe foreplay activities carried out by kissing and licking the partner's entire body.

This technique you can also start from kissing the lips, kissing the neck, then licking towards the chest, until finally licking the groin and genital area of ​​a partner or what is known as oral sex.

Apart from kissing, touching, or bathing a cat, there are actually many other types of foreplay that you can do with your partner. You and your partner can explore to find out what you like.