Don't be forced, these are 7 ways to persuade children to take medicine

Persuade child to take medicine can be a thing which is difficult to do. However, don't be discouraged just yet. Dith apply these seven tips, drama gives medicine to Poppet can be solved.

Your little one usually refuses to take medicine for several reasons. Generally is because the taste of the drug given is not good or has a pungent aroma. Even though when they are sick, children need to take medicine, so that they can quickly recover and recover.

Various Method Make it easy for children Take medicine

Forcing children to take medicine is not recommended because children often refuse. Forcing medication to a child is also possible to traumatize the child from taking medication later in life.

If Mom and Dad force your little one to take medicine, he may choke or vomit up the medicine he was given. As a result, the treatment given is ineffective.

Therefore, so that the drama of giving medicine does not stress the little one, Mother and Father must have their own tricks in giving medicine. Want to know the tips? Here are some of them:

1. Bgive medicine with a taste that children like

If possible, Mom and Dad can ask the doctor to give medicine with a fruit flavor that your little one likes, such as grapes or strawberries.

The delicious taste of the medicine will make your little one not afraid to take medicine, even so he can't wait to take medicine.

2. Bgive an explanation to child

For children who are old enough and can be given understanding, parents can explain the benefits of taking medicine in sentences that are easy for children to understand when the atmosphere is calm and relaxed.

Explain to the child that by taking medicine, he can recover quickly and return to playing with his friends.

3. Jwishful thinking berbohong

Some parents may have lied to their children by saying that the medicine they take has a sweet taste, even though it is bitter. This will actually make the child feel 'cheated' and no longer want to take drugs.

So, be honest with your little one by saying that the medicine given is a little bitter, but this can make him healthy quickly.

4. Let the child choose

Try to give your child the freedom to decide which medicine to take first or let him choose where he wants to take the medicine. In this way, the child will learn to self-regulate the best way to take the drug in order to recover quickly.

5. Mix the medicine with your favorite food

Mixing medication with food may be possible to persuade the child to take medication. However, before mixing the medicine into your little one's favorite food, consult your doctor first, so that the effectiveness of the medicine given is not lost even though it has been mixed with food.

When mixing medicine with your child's favorite food, give the food in small portions, so that he eats it up.

In addition, you can also give your little one their favorite food, either before or after taking the medicine, so that the bitter taste of the medicine is not too pronounced.

6. Give hadiah

The gifts referred to here are not always in the form of expensive goods, yes. Gifts for your little one can be in the form of free time to watch television or play. After your little one takes medicine, don't forget to praise him by saying that he is a brave child because he wants to take medicine.

7. Create a pleasant atmosphere

Try to make the atmosphere of taking medication more enjoyable, for example by inviting your little one to watch television, read a book, or listen to music he likes.

In addition to some of the suggestions above, Mother and Father also need to pay attention to the rules for administering medication. Also avoid mixing the drug into the drink, because the dose of the drug will decrease if the drink is not finished or if the drug is left with the drink sediment.

Giving medicine to children can be a challenge for parents. However, by applying the tips above, it is hoped that giving drugs to children will be easier, so that children can recover quickly from their illness.

If the above method has been done but your child still refuses to take medicine, don't hesitate to consult a pediatrician to get the best solution.