7 Steps to Take to Be Powerful During Childbirth

Sduring the processgive birth, Mom will need a lot power. Therefore, it is important for mothers to maintain stamina so they are not tired during childbirth. Come on, Check out these tips that you can do to keep your mother energized during childbirth.

Mothers are advised to prepare carefully before giving birth, including preparing to be energetic during the process. Not only when you want to give birth normally, you also need to prepare enough energy to give birth by caesarean section.

Tips to Stay Powerful for Smooth Labor

The process of giving birth can be likened to hard physical exercise, because during the process, the mother's uterine muscles will work hard. Well, so that the uterine muscles can work optimally and the birth process goes smoothly, you need a lot of energy.

Here are things you can do to stay energized during labor:

1. Prepare the necessary items

Careful preparation before giving birth will make you calmer and more energetic during the labor process.

Mothers can prepare items to be brought during the delivery process from a long time ago. Don't forget to also prepare enough clothes for Mom and Dad, okay?

2. Create a comfortable treatment room atmosphere

A comfortable treatment room can make you more energetic and make the delivery process run smoothly. Therefore, it is important for mothers to prepare the ideal treatment room before approaching the time of delivery.

Mothers can also bring items that make the treatment room more comfortable, such as aromatherapy, pillows, books, or favorite magazines.

3. Listen to your favorite music

Don't forget to arrange playlists Mother's favorite music before the time of giving birth. The reason is, listening to your favorite music before giving birth can make you more relaxed and energetic, you know.

In addition, you can also watch your favorite movies or series when you are nearing the time of delivery.

4. Do light exercise

In addition to making the mother more energetic during childbirth, doing light exercise, such as walking, can also facilitate the delivery process. To do this, you can take a leisurely walk outside the treatment room or around the hospital.

5. Get a light massage

Light massage on the legs and back area can relieve the pain that you experienced before giving birth, so that you are more energetic. If it is difficult to massage your own body, you can ask your husband for help to massage your body slowly.

6. Consumption of energy-boosting food and drinks

Examples of foods that can increase the mother's energy when giving birth are soup, yogurt, plain biscuits, or bread. Meanwhile, the drink that you can consume is water or isotonic drinks, such as natural coconut water.

7. Stay away from negative thoughts

It is very natural to be afraid of childbirth pain, especially if you are giving birth for the first time. However, you should try to stay positive, so that fear doesn't make your body weak and interfere with the delivery process.

When you are afraid, try to imagine the fun things that you will live in the future with your little one. In addition, you can also do positive affirmations to yourself (affirmations).

You can do affirmations by writing good sentences that can strengthen you, such as "I am ready to face the birth process well", "I have enough energy to give birth to my baby", "I am happy because soon I will meet my baby", and various other reinforcing sentences.

Well, in addition to doing the things above to be energetic during childbirth, you also need to maintain stamina and health during pregnancy. Don't forget, regularly check with the doctor to monitor the health condition of the mother and baby in the womb.