Is it true that swimming with the opposite sex can make you pregnant?

Lately, there have been rumors that women who are swimming can get pregnant if a man ejaculates in the same pool, and many people believe in this issue. So, can it really happen?

A new pregnancy will occur when a sperm successfully fertilizes an egg that has matured in the fallopian tube (egg canal). Within 24 hours after being fertilized, the egg turns into a zygote or fetus. The zygote will move slowly from the fallopian tube to the uterus, attach to the uterine wall, and eventually develop into a baby.

Swimming together doesn't make you pregnant

Rumors circulated that sperm could swim down the pool, then enter the vagina by penetrating the swimsuit, and cause pregnancy. This is not true.

Pregnancy is only possible if the semen is expelled directly into the vagina or at least close to the vagina. After that too, of the millions of sperm in the semen, only one sperm with good quality has the opportunity to fertilize an egg.

In addition, sperm and semen cannot be separated. Semen contains nutrients, hormones, enzymes, and minerals that sperm need to live and swim.

In a woman's body, semen and sperm can survive in one unit, so sperm can survive for about 5 days. More than that, the source of nutrients in the semen will be depleted and the sperm cannot survive.

On dry surfaces, such as clothing or bedding, sperm will die when the semen has dried. Meanwhile, when sperm is ejaculated in water, for example in a bath or swimming pool, the semen and the source of sperm nutrients will mix with the swimming pool water. This will make the sperm can not swim far and can not survive long.

After all, swimsuits are also not easily penetrated by sperm. Plus, almost all swimming pool water contains chlorine which makes sperm die faster due to chemical exposure.

So, swimming in the same pool with a man who is ejaculating can't cause pregnancy, right? You don't need to be afraid, unless you and he do have sex in the pool. It can lead to pregnancy due to direct ejaculation into the vagina.

Even so, that does not mean ejaculation in the pool is commonplace. In addition to making dirty, of course ejaculation in public places is not appropriate and could have legal consequences.

Actually, it's not pregnancy that you need to worry about when swimming in public swimming pools, but the risk of other health problems, such as ear infections, diarrhea if you accidentally swallow pool water, head lice, or skin irritation due to chemicals in swimming pool water.

If you experience health problems after swimming in public places, you should consult a doctor so that they can be given the right treatment, yes.