Be careful, these are bad habits of parents that may be imitated by children

Not only good habits, various bad habits of parents may also be imitated by children, you know. This is because parents are the main role models for children. So, Mom and Dad need to pay attention to any bad habits that your little one can imitate and change them immediately.

Imitating the habits of parents is one of the important stages of child development. This imitation stage usually appears when the child is 1 year old. Children will imitate whatever their parents do, from the use of language to social behavior.

Various Habit Bad Parents What Children May Imitate

From the various habits of parents, without realizing it there are some bad habits that are often imitated by children, including:

1. Habitssigh

When faced with situations that are not in line with expectations, we may unconsciously complain. However, be careful, often complaining in front of children, indirectly also teaches children not to be grateful and complain about various things that they don't like.

2. The habit of getting angry

One of the bad habits of parents that may be imitated by children is excessive emotion when faced with something. This is evidenced by research which states that parents who are often aggressive in front of their children tend to have children with the same nature.

3. Habits of mconsuming unhealthy food

If parents often eat unhealthy foods, such as sweet or fatty foods, chances are that their children will also like these foods. you know. In fact, the habit of eating unhealthy foods can increase the family's risk of suffering from various types of diseases, such as diabetes and high cholesterol.

4. Habits blie

Lying is also one of the bad habits of parents that children may imitate. When parents lie about something to their children, children will think that lying is normal and permissible.

5. Habit of using gadgets automaticallyexaggeration

Some parents may find it difficult to reduce use gadgets, especially when it comes to work. Well, if your little one often sees Mom and Dad busy with gadgets, most likely he will also imitate this habit.

In fact, excessive use of gadgets in children can have a negative impact on their health, such as obesity and insomnia. In addition, the habit of using gadgets It can also cause your child to have tantrums more easily.

Things People Need to Pay Attention toTua

It's not easy to prevent your little one from imitating the habits of Mom and Dad. However, there are several things that can be done so that children can go through the imitation phase well, including:

Be a good example

This is the first thing parents need to do so that their child can go through the imitation phase well. Examples are getting used to Mom and Dad to eat healthy foods, solve problems calmly, and tell the truth, wash the dishes after eating, or make the bed after waking up.

Mempprioritize child safety

Children can imitate any habit, from brushing their teeth to sweeping the floor. So, it is possible that children will do things that might endanger themselves, such as turning on the stove in the kitchen or taking medicines that their parents often take.

Therefore, make sure Mom and Dad keep a good eye on your little one, and also tell him what things he can't do.

Give understanding tochild

Mother and Father also need to give understanding to the Little One that not everything parents do must be imitated and may be done by children.

For example, when you tell a small lie, such as praising someone else's dish that isn't really good, explain to your little one that Mom and Dad meant to be nice and didn't want to hurt that person's feelings. However, keep in mind that lying is fundamentally wrong.

Children's childhood plays an important role in their future. So, instill good things in your little one. However, if your little one has already imitated various bad habits of Mom or Dad and is difficult to change, try consulting a psychologist to overcome them.