Maintain a Harmonious Household Even If You Are Not Young Anymore

Harmonious households can be realized in various ways. Communication, honesty, and mutual trust are some of the things that form the foundation. If you and your partner have long established a household ark, the following ways can be done so that the household remains harmonious.

Along the journey of marriage, obstacles and problems will arise and become a test for the couple. The emergence of problems can make a marriage tenuous. However, if you and your partner can survive and overcome problems together, you can create a harmonious household.

Various Problems That Commonly Occur in the Household

Domestic life is certainly inseparable from various problems that can occur. Well, here are some problems that often occur in husband-wife relationships and how to solve them:

Communication problem

Communication can be said to be fundamental in married life. Lack of communication can trigger various problems that lead to suspicion, distrust, and prejudice. Not only that, poor communication methods can also lead to misunderstandings.

For example, speaking in a high tone, using harsh words, speaking dominantly rather than listening, talking while focusing on a smartphone, or performing silent actions when your partner makes a mistake.

In order for communication with your partner to run smoothly, make it a habit to spend time together. Talk about all your heart and complaints openly. Also, lower your ego and be a good listener when your partner is talking.


When there is a problem between you and your partner, do not avoid it. Avoiding and harboring problems can actually become a ticking time bomb that is ready to explode at any time and destroy household harmony.

Deal with conflicts calmly and patiently. Arguments may be inevitable, but don't make hurtful comments or put too much blame on your partner. Try to be honest and apologize if you were in the wrong.

Crisis of confidence

Mutual trust is the key to a harmonious household. Basically, building trust is not as difficult as you might think, but it takes a strong commitment.

In order to maintain mutual trust, there are several things you can do, namely inform your partner, keep promises, respect your partner's rights, don't lie, be a good listener, and don't get jealous easily.

Financial Problem

In the household, financial problems often trigger relationship fractures that can even end in divorce. To anticipate it, you and your partner should have the same vision.

For example, if both are earning, determine who is responsible for paying daily needs, children's school fees, mortgage payments, and managing investments.

If you agree to adopt a frugal lifestyle, you and your partner must remind each other to limit spending. Don't hide your income and debts and don't feel jealous or embarrassed if your partner's income is higher.

Discuss carefully with your partner if there are things you don't like about finances. Make each financial plan, then agree on it together.

Sex problems

Having sex can improve the quality of husband-wife relationship and is also good for physical and emotional health. However, you and your partner may not get a common ground in terms of time to make love.

When you want to have sex, your partner doesn't necessarily want it and vice versa. If this happens, maybe you can compromise by making a schedule for sex and sticking to it.

How to Maintain Passion for Harmonious Household

It is undeniable, boredom can hit your relationship and your partner. The romance that existed at the beginning of marriage may have faded.

So, in order to continue to be passionate and maintain a harmonious household, there are several ways that you and your partner can try to do, namely:

1. Try new things

The older the age of marriage, sex can be tasteless. Ignite passion by trying new things. One of them by trying new sex positions or choosing an unusual place as a location for sex, such as in the kitchen, garage, or in the car.

2. Make time for dating

Dating again can make you and your partner reminisce about the good times when dating. Make time to be alone with your partner, whether it's just having dinner together, going to the movies, or staycation at the hotel.

3. Lower the ego and always take the initiative

When a conflict occurs, take the first step to apologize and invite your partner to talk to resolve the problem at hand. Avoid being selfish and reluctant to apologize, because doing so will only make matters worse.

4. Communicate your desires with your partner

If you want something, whether in the form of actions, goods, or things that smell sex, don't hesitate or be shy to convey it to your partner. In this way, you and your partner will be open to each other and understand each other's desires.

5. Cultivate a sense of mutual understanding

Mutual trust and understanding are important things that must be maintained in domestic relations, especially if the marriage age is long enough. There are many things that are different compared to the beginning of the marriage.

For example, testosterone levels in men in their 30s will continue to decline by 1 percent each year. As you get older, men will take longer to get a full erection.

In women, getting closer to menopause, estrogen levels decrease so that sexual desire will decrease and the vagina will be drier. Therefore, you and your partner may have to do it longer foreplay for more comfortable penetration.  

The various tips above you and your partner can try to apply to create a harmonious household. If there are problems that interfere with domestic harmony and are difficult to overcome on your own, you and your partner can consult a psychologist for marriage counseling.