Know What Causes Minus Eyes in Children

The cause of minus eye in children is important for mothers to know so that the little one can avoid this condition. The reason is, minus eyes will make it difficult for children to see long distances. This of course can interfere with their daily activities, including at school.

Nearsightedness or short-sightedness in children generally begins to appear when he is 9-10 years old. Symptoms of this disorder can be observed from the child's daily behavior. Mothers can suspect that your little one has minus eyes if he often tends to squint when he sees objects that are far away.

In addition, children with minus eyes also tend to prefer watching TV up close, rub their eyes often, often complain of tired eyes, and complain of headaches or nausea, especially after reading a book.

This Causes Minus Eyes in Children

Until now, the cause of minus eye in children is not known with certainty. However, there are several factors that are thought to trigger a child to experience minus eyes, namely:

1. Genetic factors

Genetic or hereditary factors play an important role in the occurrence of minus eyes in children. So, if Mom or Dad has minus eye, chances are your little one will also have it.

2. Playing indoors too long

Leaving your little one in the house for a long time can actually affect the health of their eyes, you know, Bun. A study revealed that children who spend more time playing in the open have a lower risk of suffering from eye disorders, including minus eye.

Although the research still needs to be studied further, there is nothing wrong with letting your little one play more outdoors, at least 40 minutes a day. The reason is, playing outdoors can make children more active so it is good for their health in general.

3. Reading books too close

Reading is very good for brain development and communication skills of children. However, if the child is accustomed to reading at a very close distance or in a place with poor lighting, it is not impossible that his vision will be disturbed.

Reading books at a distance that is too close is thought to significantly increase the risk of children experiencing minus eyes. Therefore, children are advised to keep their reading distance of about 25-30 cm.

4. Staring at the screen gadgets too long

Does your little one often play with gadgets? Be careful, this can also cause minus eyes, you know. Limit playing time gadgets Little one about 1-2 hours a day.

Besides causing minus eyes, too long staring at the screen gadgets It can also make your child's eyes tired, dry, irritated, and his vision will be blurred, even if only temporarily.

In order to keep your little one's vision function optimal, make sure you give him good food for eye health, such as fish, carrots, milk, green vegetables, and fruits. In addition, make sure your little one does not read a book or do other activities in a place with poor lighting, yes, Mother.

If your little one shows symptoms of minus eye, you should immediately consult an ophthalmologist. Also do regular eye exams every 2 years. That way, if your little one has problems with his vision, the doctor can treat it early.