How Can You Get Pregnant Using Birth Control Pills?

Birth control pills have a high success rate in preventing or delaying pregnancy. However, there is still the possibility that you can get pregnant while taking this contraceptive. The risk of pregnancy will also be higher if birth control pills are not used regularly or not according to the instructions for use.

Birth control pills are contraceptives that are used by mouth, or also known as oral contraceptives. Birth control pills contain synthetic hormones to prevent pregnancy.

There are two types of birth control pills, namely the combination pill and the mini pill. Combination pills contain two hormones, namely estrogen and progestin. Meanwhile, the mini-pill only contains a progestin hormone or a synthetic progesterone hormone.

To prevent or delay pregnancy, birth control pills work in a number of ways, including:

  • Prevents ovulation every month
  • Makes the cervix or cervix produce mucus that is thicker and thicker, so that sperm does not easily enter the uterus
  • Makes the inner lining of the uterine wall thinner, so that the embryo or future fetus cannot attach to the uterine wall after fertilization of the egg by sperm

Birth control pills have a high success rate, which is around 92–99% for preventing pregnancy. However, your risk of getting pregnant is still there while using birth control pills.

Reason The Occurrence of Pregnancy While Using Birth Control Pills

If birth control pills are not used correctly, fertilization can occur and you can still get pregnant. The following are some things that can increase the risk of pregnancy even if you are taking birth control pills:

1. Not consumed on time

Take birth control pills at the same time every day. Forgetting or not taking birth control pills at the same time can increase the risk of pregnancy.

Birth control pills are designed to maintain constant hormone levels in the body. If you miss even one dose, hormone levels can change, which can increase the risk of ovulation and irregular periods.

2. Wrong way of storage

To maintain the effectiveness of birth control pills, store birth control pills at room temperature. Avoid storing this pill in a hot, humid container or room, such as the bathroom. In addition, birth control pills must also be stored in their original packaging. If the pill has been removed from the package, it should be consumed immediately.

3. Koconsume alkoh oh too much

Alcohol consumption doesn't actually affect the effectiveness or performance of birth control pills. However, excessive alcohol consumption can make you drunk and forget to take your birth control pills on time. Thus, the effectiveness of birth control pills can be reduced.

4. Vomit safter mdrink pil KB

Vomiting after 3 hours of taking birth control pills makes the body not have enough time to absorb the hormones in the birth control pill. In addition, birth control pills also become ineffective, if you experience diarrhea for more than 48 hours while using the contraceptive.

5 .  Take birth control pills at the same time as other drugs or supplements

Taking birth control pills at the same time as certain medications or supplements can make birth control pills ineffective.

There are several types of drugs and supplements that can interfere with the work of birth control pills, including antibiotics, the antituberculosis drug rifampicin, tranquilizers, epilepsy drugs, HIV drugs, and supplements containing St. John's wort .

Do this if you are pregnant while taking birth control pills

If there are signs of pregnancy even though you are already using birth control pills, you can take a pregnancy test with test pack . If the test results show you are pregnant, go to the gynecologist immediately.

Your doctor will advise you to stop taking birth control pills and start taking prenatal vitamins to support the development and growth of the fetus in the womb.

You don't have to worry about the effect of the birth control pills you have previously taken on the condition of the fetus, because these contraceptive pills do not harm the womb, as long as their use is stopped immediately.

How to Maintain the Effectiveness of Birth Control Pills

So that the schedule for taking birth control pills is not missed, you can set an alarm on your cellphone as a reminder. In addition, you can also get used to taking birth control pills during routine activities, for example at lunch or dinner.

If you forget to take your birth control pills, here are some things you can do:

  • Take birth control pills immediately when you remember
  • Keep taking the next pill at the same time
  • If you don't take birth control pills for 2 or more days in a row, use a condom during sex or don't have sex for the next 1 week to 1 month
  • Consult a doctor because there is a possibility that you will need to repeat the birth control pill from the beginning

Birth control pills are effective in preventing pregnancy if taken properly. However, if you have questions about the effectiveness of birth control pills or want to know which type of birth control pill is right for you to use, don't hesitate to consult with your obstetrician.