Recognize the Benefits of Marriage for Body Health

when married,you You will have a life partner who can accompany you in times of joy and sorrow. In addition, marriage can also provide various health benefits and is believed to increase life expectancy or prolong life.

A study revealed that married men can be healthier and feel many other benefits. Women also certainly can feel the benefits of marriage. This can be achieved if both support each other to adopt a healthy lifestyle and can accept each other's families, such as in-laws.

Various Benefits of Marriage in Supporting Body Health

One of the benefits of marriage that is most often heard is that it can prolong life, especially for men. The results showed that married men who had a heart attack had the potential to survive longer than single men who had a heart attack.

The reason is, because the presence of a life partner who pays attention to and reminds you of the routine of taking medication, regular check-ups with the doctor, and together living a healthy lifestyle will increase the chances of recovering and living a better life after having a heart attack.

In addition, marriage also has various other health benefits, namely:

1. Keep blood pressure more stable

According to research, people who are happily married have more stable blood pressure than those who are single. In fact, a warm hug from a partner can also have a good impact on blood pressure, you know.

2. Maintain mental health

Living alone or isolated is often associated with depression. now, getting married and having a partner is believed to help reduce depression. In addition, a happy marriage can also help you to manage the stress that may arise.

3. Heals wounds quickly

According to research, getting married and having a happy marriage is believed to help speed up wound healing. However, this still requires further research.

4. Benefit from having sex

When you are married, you and your partner will certainly have sex.  Having sex regularly can provide several benefits, such as improving sleep quality, burning calories, toning muscles, relieving headaches, and maintaining heart health.

The important thing to remember, a quality marriage does not mean always wallowing in wealth or never fighting with your partner. Quality marriages can be obtained by respecting each other, being honest and loyal, establishing good communication, and holding on to commitments. This can make you and your partner really get the health benefits of marriage.