Alert, Unhealthy Lifestyle Can Trigger Chronic Disease

An unhealthy lifestyle, such as rarely exercising or eating carelessly, has the potential to cause chronic disease. This disease is increasingly attacking young people in the productive age group, due to being too busy working so they don't pay attention to health conditions.

Chronic disease is a health disorder that lasts a long time, usually more than 1 year. Most chronic diseases are caused by an unhealthy lifestyle. This type of disease is often not realized until the condition is already severe, and often leads to death. Chronic disease is also known to be one of the factors that can increase the risk of getting COVID-19.

The cost of treating chronic diseases is also not cheap and the treatment must be done in the long term. Not to mention, sometimes sufferers are no longer able to work and earn a living.

Chronic Diseases That Can Attack the Productive Age Group

There are four types of chronic diseases that often occur in the productive age group, namely between the ages of 25-50 years. The four chronic diseases are:

1. Hypertension

In 2018, the number of productive age hypertension sufferers in Indonesia reached 34.1 percent. This number increased compared to the previous year which was only 25.8 percent.

Generally, hypertension is caused by aging. However, recently hypertension is also experienced by many productive age groups who are relatively young, due to metabolic problems, such as obesity. Usually, metabolic problems are preceded by an unhealthy lifestyle, such as rarely exercising.

Although it does not always cause symptoms or complaints, hypertension that is not handled properly can cause the sufferer to experience complications, such as stroke, kidney disorders, and heart failure.

2. Stroke

Stroke is a condition that occurs when the blood supply to the brain tissue is interrupted due to a blockage or rupture of a blood vessel in the brain. This condition is generally caused by an unhealthy lifestyle. One of them is the habit of eating foods high in fat and salt.

Stroke sufferers in the productive age group in Indonesia in 2018 increased by 10.9 percent. Although the number of sufferers is still far less than people with hypertension, stroke can cause sequelae that are far more detrimental, such as paralysis and speech disturbances (aphasia), as well as various complications of stroke which can be fatal.

3. Diabetes

Diabetes or diabetes is in the third place in the list of chronic diseases most experienced by the productive age group in Indonesia. This disease is characterized by high blood sugar levels and causes the sufferer to be thirsty and hungry, and urinate frequently.

Just like other chronic diseases, diabetes can actually be prevented by adopting a healthy lifestyle, such as diligently exercising, eating healthy foods, and maintaining an ideal body weight.

If you have diabetes, you must regularly take medication and check with your doctor to keep your blood sugar levels within normal limits. The goal is that the disease does not get worse or cause complications.

4. Cancer

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the world. This disease can affect all age groups, including people who are in their productive age. In 2018, the number of cancer sufferers of productive age in Indonesia rose from 1.4 percent to 1.8 percent.

The main cause of the emergence of cancer in productive age is closely related to an unhealthy lifestyle, such as:

  • Often eat unhealthy foods that contain lots of preservatives or food coloring.
  • Frequent consumption of alcohol.
  • Rarely exercise.
  • Experiencing obesity.
  • Smoking or frequent exposure to secondhand smoke.
  • Often exposed to free radicals and air pollution.

The most common types of cancer experienced by the productive age group are thyroid cancer, colorectal cancer, skin cancer (melanoma), breast cancer, and lymph node cancer (lymphoma).

How to Deal with the Threat of Chronic Disease?

To prevent chronic disease, of course, you must adopt a healthy lifestyle, namely by exercising regularly, being active, eating healthy foods, drinking enough water, and getting enough rest.

However, the problem caused by chronic disease is not only in the physical condition of the sufferer. Suffering from chronic disease can also be very burdensome financial condition. To get the best treatment, the costs that must be incurred are not small. In addition, the long-term treatment and recovery process also requires a large amount of money.

For example, treatment for chronic diseases related to the cardiovascular system (heart and blood vessels), the medical costs that must be incurred can reach IDR 150 million or even more.

Unfortunately, no one can predict when a chronic disease will come. This condition can come on suddenly and require immediate treatment. Therefore, it is important for you to protect yourself with health insurance.

However, make sure you are familiar with all types of policies offered by insurance providers. Feel free to ask questions clearly if you are still confused.