Petting can get pregnant or not, depending on the condition

Questions about whether dopsettings can be pregnant or not,often crossed the minds of some people.Tespeciallyyoung people who don't understand much activity sexual. To find out the answer, see the explanation in the following article.

Petting for married couples can be used as a foreplay or warming up before sex. Meanwhile, petting for unmarried couples are mostly done to satisfy sexual desire without having intercourse.

What's that Petting?

Petting is a term used to describe the activity of stimulating or providing sexual stimulation to a partner, generally by using the hands or mouth. Term petting It is also used to touch or feel your partner until you have an orgasm.

Multiple actions petting What women do to men include touching, kissing, or performing oral sex on the penis. Meanwhile, when men do petting in women, stimulation that can be done is in the area around the breasts and vagina. Petting can also be done with sex aids (sex toys).

is by doing Petting Can Pregnant?

Petting can get pregnant or not really depends on the sexual activity performed. Pregnancy occurs when a man's sperm cell fertilizes a woman's egg. Fertilization can occur even though the penis does not enter the vagina (penetration), but the chances are very small to occur in women petting.

Men's semen at the time of ejaculation can contain millions of sperm, even up to more than 300 million sperm. When aroused, the penis experiences an erection and secretes pre-ejaculatory fluid that contains sperm.

If a man's sperm enters a woman's body through the vagina, then reaches the fallopian tube where the egg is located, fertilization may occur. Fertilization can be carried out by sperm contained in the pre-ejaculatory fluid.

Petting which is done with the penis and vagina close together without wearing underwear still allows sperm to enter the vagina. Sperm can also enter the vagina accidentally through fingers or other body parts that are exposed to semen, or when the penis touches the area around the vagina.

Rrisk Petting to Health

The risk of getting sexually transmitted diseases after doing petting persists, although smaller than sexual intercourse with penetration. Oral sex can increase the risk of getting herpes, genital warts, syphilis, chlamydia, and gonorrhea. However, this risk can be prevented by using condoms.

Meanwhile, petting using sex aids increases the risk of developing trichomoniasis. Trichomoniasis is a parasitic infection that attacks the urinary and genital tract, both in men and women. This disease can be transmitted through sex aids that are used interchangeably, not washed, and not covered with condoms when used.

Now, now you understand the risks behind doing petting, right? Once again, psettings can cause pregnancy if done under conditions that allow sperm to enter the vagina. In addition, it is also important to consider the risk of transmission of sexually transmitted diseases due to: petting.

If you experience signs of pregnancy or symptoms of an infectious disease after doing pettingEven if you don't have intercourse or have sex with penetration, check with your gynecologist or dermatologist and gynecologist.