Getting to Know the Personality of ENTPs, Arguing Extroverts

People with the ENTP personality are known as innovative, intelligent, and creative individuals. He is also known to have a high spirit in arguing, so he often gets the nickname 'The Debate'.

ENTP stands for extroverted, intuitive, thinking, perceiving. This personality is one of the 16 personality types according to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

The MBTI test was developed by Isabel Myers and her mother, Katherine Briggs, in the 1940s. In general, the test can determine whether a person has an extroverted or introverted personality type. The test can now be done directly on line and free on various sites.

ENTP Personality Traits

David Keirsey, a psychologist from the United States, states that about 2-5 percent of the world's human population has the ENTP personality type. The following are the characteristics of a person with an ENTP personality:

1. Likes to socialize

As an extrovert, ENTPs enjoy communicating and are less comfortable being alone for long periods of time.

Not surprisingly, they are easy to socialize and interact in various social circles, such as friends, family, and work colleagues. This is what makes their network of friends very broad.

2. Likes to argue

As previously explained, the ENTP personality is dubbed as a debater, especially about current issues.

This makes their communication style often challenging to the other person, which can lead to conflict if they find someone who is easily offended or not interested in arguing.

3. Creative

People with the ENTP personality also often have great and creative ideas. But, sadly, these great ideas are often not accompanied by concrete action. This makes them seem excited at the start, but doesn't settle on the idea until the end.

4. Loving

When it comes to romantic relationships, ENTPs are known for being independent. They are also loving, caring, warm, and understand their partner's wishes. However, ENTPs tend to be impulsive, including when making important decisions.

In addition to the four traits above, there are several other traits of the ENTP personality, including:

  • Interested in learning and absorbing new things quickly
  • Don't like scheduled routines
  • Don't like being under other people's control
  • Often feels excessive worry and withdraws when under stress
  • Emotional changes often seem extreme

Jobs Suitable for ENTP Personality

The ENTP personality likes a work environment that provides challenges and freedom of thought. They love to share solutions or ideas with other people. In addition, the ENTP personality also prefers theory and abstract things because of the intuitive element in their personality.

Fields of work that are suitable for someone with an ENTP personality are business people, lawyers, journalists, and psychologists.

From the explanation above, did you find the ENTP personality in yourself? If you are still in doubt, you can do a test through the official Myers-Briggs Type Indicator website for more accurate results.

The MBTI test has many benefits, ranging from understanding yourself and others, finding the right communication patterns, to reducing conflict in the work environment.

However, the MBTI test is considered less valid for describing a person's personality type in general, especially for people with personality disorders.

Therefore, to assess a person's personality, it is still necessary to have a direct evaluation by a psychologist. If you have questions about the ENTP personality or the MBTI test, you can consult a psychologist for further explanation.