Dark Lines on the Stomach of Pregnant Women: What Causes it and Can it Go away?

Some pregnant women may wonder about the appearance of a black line on their abdomen, which is also known as the linea nigra. This line appears from the pubic bone to the navel, but can also extend to the top of the abdomen.

The appearance of the linea nigra is actually nothing to worry about because it has become a natural part of pregnancy. This line actually existed before pregnancy, it's just that the color is faint so it's not clearly visible.

Causes of the Appearance of Dark Lines on the Stomach During Pregnancy

Generally, black lines on the abdomen during pregnancy appear due to increased levels of the hormones estrogen and progesterone. Both of these hormones can stimulate melanocyte cells in the skin to produce melanin, which is a dark skin pigment. In addition, linea nigra can also arise due to natural metabolic and immunological processes.

This condition often appears at the age of five months or it could be earlier. But not only in the linea nigra, pregnancy hormones can also stimulate the production of melanin in the skin in other areas, such as nipples and scar areas.

Do Black Lines on the Stomach During Pregnancy Need To Be Treated?

Actually there is nothing for pregnant women to do to overcome this line, because the linea nigra is not something to worry about and has no effect on pregnancy.

However, if it does attract attention, it is suspected that linea nigra can be prevented by increasing the intake of foods containing folic acid. Examples of foods that contain lots of folic acid are green leafy vegetables, oranges, and wheat.

Besides being able to overcome the linea nigra, folic acid is also important to consume to support fetal development, prevent birth defects, and maintain pregnant women's skin conditions.

In addition to folic acid, using sunblock When the stomach is exposed to sunlight, it can also reduce the formation of melanin in the linea nigra which will make it darker.

Can the Dark Lines on the Stomach Disappear During Pregnancy?

Pregnant women don't have to worry, the linea nigra won't last forever. how come. This line will usually fade by itself within 9-12 months after the pregnant woman gives birth.

Mothers who are breastfeeding may take a longer time for these lines to go away. But don't make this an excuse not to breastfeed. Even if it takes longer, these lines will generally go away on their own. how come.

In some mothers, the black line on the abdomen can indeed persist or only slightly fade after delivery. Skin whitening creams can help get rid of the linea nigra faster. However, do not use this cream while breastfeeding, especially during pregnancy, because it can be dangerous for the baby.

The black line on the belly during pregnancy is part of pregnancy itself. There are ways that are thought to prevent or reduce their appearance. If it doesn't go away, this line will do nothing but change in appearance, how come.

However, if later the black line on the pregnant woman's stomach does not go away after giving birth, it is better for the pregnant woman to consult a doctor for advice or safe treatment.