About Baby Swaddle Mothers Need to Know

Swaddling the baby is believed to be able to make him sleep more soundly. However, this process must be done properly, Bun. If not, swaddling can actually interfere with the development of the Little One, you know.

Swaddling has been a custom since the 18th century as a way to soothe babies by making them feel like they are in their mother's womb.

In addition, swaddling can make newborns sleep more soundly, because swaddling can prevent them from disturbing the startle reflex that often wakes them up during sleep.

About Baby Swaddle What You Need to Know

To keep baby swaddling safe, you need special knowledge and skills. Come on, Mother, what you need to know in swaddling a baby:

1. When is the right time to swaddle a baby?

Swaddling should be done on newborns. Do not swaddle the baby after 3-4 months, because at this age the baby can roll over to the side. This can make the baby prone in a state of swaddling and increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

2. Why do babies seem to refuse to be swaddled?

Actually, babies don't refuse to be swaddled, Bun. It's just that when in the womb she used to raise her hands to cover her face, so that when she straightened her hands to be swaddled, she seemed like she refused.

3. What kind of fabric is best for swaddling a baby?

Avoid using a cloth that is too thick to swaddle your little one. Instead, you can choose a thin cotton fabric. In addition, now there are also instant baby swaddles that just need to be closed with a zipper or Velcro.

4. Is there a downside to swaddling a baby?

One of the risks of swaddling a baby is the occurrence of SIDS, especially if there is an error in the swaddling technique. Therefore, it is important to always place the baby on his back, not on his stomach during swaddling.

In addition, avoid swaddling the baby too tightly, especially on the legs, because this can actually interfere with its development.

Tips for Swaddling a Safe Baby

After understanding various things about baby swaddling, then you need to know safe tips in swaddling babies, including:

  • Make sure the swaddle does not exceed the shoulders of the little one, especially until it touches his chin. This is because babies can mistake the cloth for breast feeding.
  • Avoid placing the swaddle too tightly. Make sure your little one's hands and feet can still move in it.
  • Check your little one's body temperature regularly with your hands to make sure he doesn't overheat in the swaddle.
  • Avoid swaddling your little one if he is sleeping with you, because this risks causing him to feel hot and unable to move when accidentally crushed by your body.

To determine when the baby needs to be removed from the swaddle, you can try to swaddle your little one with one hand without being swaddled. If within 1 week he can sleep peacefully in this position, it means he is ready to transition to a period of no longer swaddling. However, if he hasn't, it means he still needs to be swaddled.

Well, now you don't need to be confused and worried anymore. With the right technique, swaddling can help babies sleep soundly. Also remember to take your little one to the doctor regularly so that his health and development is always monitored. If necessary, the mother can consult about the installation of a baby swaddle to the doctor.