Come on, Check out the Benefits of Reading Storybooks for Children's Development

Reading story books to children actually has many benefits for their development. In fact, Mother has actually been able to do this activity since the little one was still in the womb.

Regularly reading books from an early age can strengthen the bond between Mother and Little One. Not only that, there are also other benefits that can be obtained from reading stories to children, especially in supporting their development.

Benefits of Reading Storybooks for Children's Development

Here are the benefits of reading stories to your little one that you need to know:

1. Improve listening skills

Even if your little one has not been able to understand your mother's language well, he will be interested in listening to it. now, when the little one pays attention to the mother's voice, his hearing ability will be more trained. In the long term, this activity will also stimulate your little one's sensitivity to the surrounding environment.

2. Cultivate reading interest

Reading books from an early age can also create a bond, not only with your mother, but also with the book. Your little one will be more familiar with books, so they will recognize books as a fun thing. In this way, Mother has indirectly fostered an interest in reading from an early age.

3. Help increase vocabulary

Reading books to children can not only stimulate their imagination, but can also help them enrich their vocabulary. This variety of vocabulary will help children's communication skills in the future.

4. Help your little one to face the new environment

When listening to Mother tell a story, the Little One's imagination will continue to be provoked and grow. Especially when he imagines the characters and locations of the characters in the story. That way, Mother indirectly prepares children to be better prepared to face their environment in the future.

For example, when the child begins to enter school age. Through stories with the background of a student's experience, your little one will get a picture of school life.

What's the Right Way to Read Storybooks to Your Little One?

When reading storybooks to children, do the following so that the moment of reading storybooks to your little one feels even more fun:

1. Hug the Little One

There are various benefits of hugs, including when you want to read a book. Hug your little one to make him feel safe and comfortable. Hugs can also strengthen the relationship between Mother and Little One.

2. Use tone and intonation

Even though your little one doesn't understand your mother's language, you can use tone and intonation when telling stories. The use of tone and intonation when telling stories will make storytelling moments with children more interesting and fun.

3. Imitate the voices of the characters in the story

When telling stories, you can also imitate the voices of the characters in the book. Thus, your little one will be more interested in listening to it. This will also help the child's imagination power, it can even help him understand more about various things. For example, when you imitate the sound of an animal or machine.

4. Use books with interesting pictures

Try to choose a book with a variety of interesting pictures, to attract the attention of your little one. Mothers can also choose story books that have a variety of bright and contrasting colors.

After knowing how, come on start to get used to reading story books to support children's development, while growing interest in reading. If necessary, take advantage of child psychology consultation services to get the right advice in providing knowledge through stories to children.