Know the Impact of Obeying All Children's Wishes and How to Stop It

Children will certainly be happy if their wishes are obeyed and many parents show their affection by obeying their children's wishes. However, if you continue to obey all the wishes of the child, the impact is not good for growth and development and character formation. you know, Bun.

Follow all the wishes of the child, not only in the form of goods or materials. However, making very loose rules for children or freeing children to do what they want without any consequences can also be a form of complying with all the wishes of the child.

This is usually done by parents to make up for the guilt they feel for their children, for example, because they are too busy working. In addition, feeling unprepared to deal with child tantrums can also be one of the reasons parents obey all requests of children.

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Here are the various effects of complying with all the wishes of the child:

1. Makes it difficult for children to follow the rules

Obeying all the wishes of children can make it difficult to follow the rules. The reason, he was used to getting leniency from his parents.

Besides being difficult to manage, children can also be selfish and want to win on their own. This trait will certainly make it difficult for him to socialize, because usually a selfish child will be shunned by his friends.

2. Form a materialistic and disrespectful nature

If parents always give children what they want, children will think that happiness can only be obtained by having the things they want.

If left unchecked, this can cause children to have a materialistic nature and do not appreciate the things they already have. As adults, children will also find it difficult to distinguish what items are really needed or just wanted.

3. Make it difficult for children to make decisions

If parents continue to follow all the wishes of the child, the long-term impact that will occur is that the child will have difficulty making decisions in his life. This includes small decisions as well as important decisions that will affect his life, for example in choosing a career or life partner.

4. Increase the risk of health problems in children

Always complying with children's wishes, especially in terms of consuming a variety of unhealthy foods and drinks, will make it difficult for children to adopt healthy eating habits. If left unchecked, children will be more at risk of developing health problems, such as obesity.

How to stop the habit of following your child's wishes

It is natural for parents to want their children to be happy. Even so, Mother and Father do not always have to obey the wishes of the Little One, especially if his wishes are out of bounds or are imposing circumstances.

Well, to avoid the impact of obeying all the wishes of the child, you need to know how to stop the habit. Here are some of them:

Explain to children

If your little one asks for something that is out of bounds, you need to explain carefully to him the concept of a priority scale, as well as rights, and responsibilities.

At first your little one may be rebellious and angry, but you have to stay firm with him, okay? That way, he will learn how to control his emotions and understand that not all his desires must or can be fulfilled.

Apply educational rules

You can also set educational rules to avoid the habit of obeying all the wishes of your child. For example, make a rule that your child can only get a new toy if he gets good grades on the exam.

In this way, he will learn to respect and obey the rules. But remember, apply these rules consistently, OK?

Teach children to be grateful

Mothers also need to teach their children to always be grateful for all the things they have. For example, if your little one suddenly wants a new bag, even though the bag at home is still good, you can remind him to be grateful because he still has a bag that is still worth using.

Although sometimes it is difficult to refuse the child's wishes, but know that the mother's firm attitude not to obey everything she asks can help form a good character in the Little One.

However, if you still find it difficult to refuse your little one's requests or your little one often throws a tantrum if his wishes are not obeyed, try consulting a psychologist to get the right solution.