How to Take Care of Teeth for Braces Wearers

The use of braces or stirrups to straighten the arrangement of teeth is increasingly found in various age groups. Although effective, stirrup risky mcause health problems if not cared for properly.

Dental plaque is a problem that is often experienced by brace users. This is caused by food residues that are prone to slipping between the stirrups. Therefore, oral hygiene must really be considered when using braces.

Method Caring for Dental Health for Braces Users

There are things that need to be considered by brace users so that oral hygiene is always maintained properly, including:

1. How to brush your teeth

Brush your teeth using a soft-bristled toothbrush and toothpaste containing fluoride. For the upper teeth, brush your teeth in an up-and-down motion. On the other hand, for the lower teeth, brush from the bottom up. This movement is performed on each tooth. Then, use a special small toothbrush for braces to clean the dirt between the braces.

2. How to clean between teeth (floss)

Cleaning between the teeth in braces users does take longer, which is about 10-15 minutes. This activity is carried out once a day, using a special thread (dental floss) which contain wax. The following are things to consider when doing flossing teeth for braces users:

  • Use a fairly long thread, which is about 50 cm, with one end of the thread wrapped around the index finger.
  • Do flossing teeth in front of the mirror, to make it easier to direct
  • Thread the floss between the teeth and the stirrup.
  • Gently press the floss between your teeth and make an up and down motion, like in a U shape.
  • Gently remove the floss from between the teeth.
  • Do this movement between the next teeth.

3. Puse oral irrigator

Oral irrigator or water flosser is a special tool for cleaning between the teeth and the part of the tooth that is adjacent to the gums. This tool sprays water with a steady pressure to clean food debris.

In addition to cleaning your teeth properly, pay attention to the type of food you eat. No need to worry, there are many types of food that you can still consume even if you use braces. You just need to avoid foods with a hard texture, sweet foods, and sticky foods (such as chewing gum). Besides being able to damage the stirrup, these types of food also cause the formation of dental plaque which eventually becomes bad breath.

Consult your dentist about the correct care when wearing braces. If you experience complaints in the form of pain in the teeth or the position of the stirrup shifts, immediately visit your dentist.

Written by:

drg. Arni Maharani