Tips for a Fun Bath for Your Little One with a Bubble Bath

Bath time can be a very fun moment for your little one. Shower using bubble bath or special baby soap can add to the joy of your baby.

Generally, your little one can take a bath with bubble bath. But for safety reasons, it's better to bathe the child with bubble bath after he was three years old. You also need to be careful not to choose the wrong baby cleanser to bathe it, because it can cause irritation or other problems on your little one's skin.

Here's what to watch out for when bathing your little one

In contrast to adults who can bathe as usual, bathing the Little One can't be careless, you know. There are a few things you should pay attention to. Here are some tips for bathing a child:

  • Make sure bath time doesn't interfere with sleep.
  • You also have to make sure that when bathing his stomach is full.
  • It is important to know that your little one is not feeling cold.
  • Use warm water for bathing, neither too hot nor too cold.
  • Make sure you have filled the tub with enough water (no higher than your little one's waist when sitting in the tub). Don't let your little one sit in a fully-filled bathtub, as this risks causing them to drown.
  • In addition, it is important to ensure that the tub and bathroom area are safe and not slippery, so that your little one does not slip.
  • Select product bubble bath which is safe for the Little One and use in moderation. After the tub is filled with warm water, apply soap to the water and stir the water in the tub until it foams.
  • After finishing bathing her with bubble bath, rinse your little one's body thoroughly with clean and warm water, then dry with a soft towel.

Make sure your little one does not linger in the tub, preferably no more than 10 minutes. This is because baby cleansers can dry out their skin. And during bathing, don't leave your little one alone in the tub, even if only for a moment.

Here's How to Choose Baby Cleaning Products

Every parent wants the best for their child, including skin cleansing products. Indeed, your little one's skin is thinner, sensitive, and still prone to bacterial infections and irritation due to certain substances. Therefore, you must be more selective in choosing cleaning products for your baby.

Here are tips for choosing safe baby cleaning products:

  • Choose products with ingredients that are gentle on the skin

    Product bubble bath Babies that contain fragrances and dyes can cause skin irritation, especially if your little one's skin is very sensitive.

  • Avoid products that contain alcohol and detergents

    Not only fragrances and colorants, products bubble bath Your little one must also be free from alcohol and detergents. Besides being able to cause skin and eye irritation, these two ingredients can also trigger allergic reactions in babies.

  • Does not contain harmful chemicals

    Make sure you choose a product that is free from phthalates, parabens, and formaldehyde. Because these chemicals are known to be potentially harmful to your little one.

  • Acidity level (pH) 5,5

    Don't forget to vote bubble bath babies with an ideal pH, that is, the acidity level has been adjusted to be close to the pH of the baby's skin. The goal is to prevent damage or disruption to the little one's skin.

In addition, you can choose products bubble bath with chamomile which can soften the little one's skin, as well as sodium lactate which can moisturize the skin and prevent dry skin.

Skin problems can certainly bother your little one and will make him fussy. Therefore, always make sure your little one uses products that are safe and suitable for their soft skin. If your little one has skin problems due to using certain skin care products, immediately consult a dermatologist so that treatment can be given according to his skin condition.